Juice Fast – Tips for Starting a Juice Fast

Juice Fast - What You Should Know

I have been getting a lot of messages on how to start a juice fast. When you go on a juice fast you are abstaining from eating any solid foods, instead you are consuming fresh vegetable juice for a period of time. A juice fast usually last 3, 5, 7, 30, 60 or 90 days.

Toxic substances are everywhere - in the air we breathe, the processed foods we eat, and even the water we drink. It's critical for us to support the body's detoxification systems. A periodic juice fast is a healthy way to support your body's ability to detox and get rid of toxins. When my clients first come to me the first thing I recommend is the Alpha Reset. The Alpha Reset is a easy guideline on how to start and complete a juice fast and what gives you recipes that are good for a juice fast.

Here are some tips for starting a juice fast and what to expect.

It's important to make your juice fast journey as easy as possible. The first thing you want to do is actually start detoxing one week before starting your  juice fast. This means cutting out processed foods, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, limiting the amount of meat you eat and most importantly limiting the amount of caffeine and sugar you consume, stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Also during this week start to introduce fresh vegetable juice to your daily consumption. This will help get you acquainted with the taste of vegetable juice if you aren't already.

It's also very important to buy organic fruits and vegetables. During the juice fast you are trying to eliminate toxins from your body and if you're using fruits and vegetables with pesticide and other toxins on them then you are not doing your body justice.

Here is a list of the fruits and vegetables that should always be purchased organic.


What you should do during your juice fast

During your juice fast you should take it easy on exercising. I recommend walking or yoga but not heavy lifting, cardio, or aerobic activity. During this time you want your body to heal and you shouldn't push yourself.

Another recommendation I have is to start and end everyday with one cup of warm water and half a lemon. This is amazing for promoting a healthy immune system, balancing pH, helping with weight loss, aiding in digestion, hydrating the lymph system and acting as a natural diuretic.

Many people ask me how much juice they did to consume during a juice fast. It's really simple, when you're feeling low on energy or get hungry have a juice. Don't over do it. Remember to drink plenty of water during your juice fast.

During your juice fast you can still take your vitamins.

While you are juice fasting you will have different symptoms from fatigue, headache, skin eruptions such as acne, feeling cold, light headedness, aches and pains - but don't worry these symptoms will pass and you will feel great afterwards.

The Alpha Reset  provides amazing recipes for the juice fast. Here are some of my favorites.

Here is a great juice. To get more juice from your parsley, try wrapping it around the ginger and feeding it into the juicer. Also the green leaves on the beets are very nutritional even more than the beet root. If you don't like beets you can leave it out of the recipe but try juicing the green top.

Garlic is amazing for you. Most people don't like to eat or juice garlic because of the odor that is created. Wrapping parsley around garlic cloves and then feeding it into the juicer helps absorbs the odor that garlic creates.

Try to juice more vegetables and dark leafy greens rather than fruit - apples are okay. If you have to have fruit it's better to have it in the morning.


Check out this recipe I made for my own juice fast --> here

How to end your juice fast

When ending your juice fast you should slowly introduce solid foods back into your daily consumption. The first day after your juice fast you should have egg whites. After each day you can introduce new solid foods back into your life. Still continue to juice and eat vegetables. For more information check out the Alpha Reset.

For more information, juicing recipes and motivation check out Juicing Vegetables and the Saturday Strategy community.

Also check out some of these amazing transformations. :)

If you're on any medication first consult with your physician before starting any new regimen.


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