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Today, we get to learn more from the fabulous Dr. Zagone! Katherine Zagone is a friend of mine and a fertility specialist over at The Holistic Fertility Method. Be sure to check out her webpage and enter your email for a free fertility gift pack!

If you missed last week’s video you can find it here: Struggling With Infertility? The Truth Behind Estrogen Dominance.

Today, we are going to teach you about 3 things in your home that may be keeping you from getting pregnant.

We spend so much time in our homes! More time than anywhere else. We also have more control over our home environment than our workplace, school, public places, etc. Because of this, we believe it is vital to create a space in our homes that supports fertility and reproduction.

#1. Have A Black Bedroom

The first super fertility health hack is to have a black bedroom. No, I don’t mean paint all of your walls black and have black bed sheets… I am talking about light!

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You spend 7-10 hours in your bedroom every single day! At least, you’re supposed to be sleeping in there for that long. Your body is regulated by light/dark cycles and your brain is literally wired to follow the cues of light and darkness.  

Your eyes connect to a part of the brain called the pineal gland, which is your MASTER HORMONE REGULATOR. When your eyes see the sun or the darkness, those triggers tell your body which hormones to make and when.

We throw off these natural cycles by keeping lights on and by staring at electronics until we fall asleep. Our bedrooms are polluted by light and “electro-smog.”

The solution is simple: no electronics after 9pm. This means no phones, no computers, no TV, nothing!

If you HAVE to use something, wear blue blockers. Some phones/TVs have a night option that blocks out the blue light. You can even set it to automatically block blue light by a certain time every day. But really, the BEST option is just to not stare at screens at night at all.

When you get rid of electronics before bedtime, you can use the darkness to your advantage to help re-regulate your hormones, which of course impact fertility.

#2. Pitch The Plastics

Plastics, as you may already know, contain a host of chemicals that are endocrine disrupters.

Endocrine disrupters:

infertility, fertility, home, plastic

The following are the most common:

The more flexible a plastic is, the more likely it is to contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. These not only affect your fertility, but also which genes are passed down to your babies.

Studies have found that women who are exposed to BPA while pregnant have babies with higher risks for diabetes and, in males, low testosterone levels.

Not sure how to reduce plastics in your home? Here are 10 Life Hacks To Help You Cut Plastic Out Of The Picture.

A Note On Genes

Feel like you’re just cursed with bad genes? Don’t get too discouraged! The genes we have are the genes we have… but we DO have some control in turning them UP or DOWN. This means that with the foods we eat, the way we sleep, the way we think… we have a good deal of power to affect how our genes are expressed AND how they are passed down to our kids.

#3. Swap Your Soaps

infertility, fertility, home, soap

Our skin absorbs a good amount of what we put on it, including soaps, lotions, makeup, etc. The biggest culprit to look out for is TRICLOSAN. This is common in commercial hand sanitizers and soaps. Always check labels for this ingredient before purchasing.

Instead, choose products that are as close to nature as possible like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon, etc. There are plenty of natural inexpensive products to use in your home instead of endocrine disrupting chemicals!

Don’t Forget Your Fast And Fertile Gift Pack!

Be sure to enter your email on Dr. Zagone’s website in order to get your Fast and Fertile gift pack! This is designed to help you create an entire home that supports your fertility.

With the info in the packet, you can go through every room of the house and find substitutes for the chemicals you currently use.

I hope you have found the information here useful! Be sure to share this post with someone who made need to hear it. If you still have questions, be sure to check out our videos with Dr. Zagone from previous weeks:

Remember, we’re in this together.

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Dr. Katherine Zagone
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Dr. Katherine Zagone

Dr. Katherine Zagone combines the mind of a doctor and the heart of a healer to serve couples and women in their journey to conceive their healthiest baby and build the family of their dreams.
Dr. Zagone graduated top of her class from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she completed internships in natural fertility and preconception.

She assisted in the training of the next generation of naturopathic doctors at Bastyr University California. She also authors content for Orb Health, and supports patient care at Shine Natural Medicine. As an elite guest lecturer, she has spoken at UCSD and throughout the community on topics including hormones and gut health.

As a belly dancer and champion for feminine power, she embodies the fertile goddess and helps her female clients access their own embodiment to promote fertility.
Every visit with Dr. Zagone is a healing experience in itself.
Dr. Katherine Zagone
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-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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