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By Jill Smart

Your suitcase is packed, your passport is in hand and your carry on is equipped with reading materials and snacks.

But did you forget to prepare your immune system for this trip?

Quite frequently, travelers find themselves affected by the H1N1 virus, mold spores or disease causing E. Coli bacteria because they have not prepared themselves.

Let’s talk about what YOU can do to best prepare yourself for not only healthier travel, but improved overall health.

Educate Yourself

When you have insufficient amounts of healthy intestinal flora, these bad bacteria can take hold and cause intestinal distress. These types of illness normally attack from the inside out because they are often ingested accidentally. At times, antibiotics are used to eradicate bad bacteria, however, there is no differentiation between the two, so good bacteria are eliminated at the same time. Failure to supplement your good bacteria will leave you vulnerable to bad bacteria that take up residence in your gut.

Know The Good Guys

Most often, your good bacteria are referred to as lactic acid bacteria, which are naturally antimicrobially strong. One particular strain – known as lactobacillus salivarius – is a known lactic acid bacteria associated with the production of hydrogen peroxide and is effective in killing microbes. This bacteria lives in your mouth and small intestine, producing enzymes that are toxic to undesirable bacteria.

Why Supplement?

Research has been done to show that oral supplementation reduces the presence of 5 dangerous bacteria associated with plaque formation in the mouth. Dental health is increased in the presence of L. Salivarius. Additional studies also show that L. Salivarius improves the immune system’s response to colitis and septic shock because it is able to assist with re-establishing balance within your intestines.

User Friendly


L. Salivarius does not require high amounts of supplementation, but does need some help to remain in top shape. This good bacteria is most effective when lactobacillus-friendly food is present. L. Salivarius does survive in the acidic environment of your intestinal system, but thrives when glucose from healthy foods like tomatoes, barley, asparagus, artichokes and garlic are present.

Supplementation of lactobacillus salivarius offers great health benefits to your dental and intestinal health along with strong antimicrobial protection. Consumption of healthy foods will only increase the effectiveness of this powerhouse bacteria in your body. Lactobacillus salivarius should be a staple in your daily health regimen and now can be when you add a quality multi-strain probiotic to your daily supplementation program.


Jill Smart
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Jill Smart

Certified Transformation Coach at Finding My FITS
Jill Smart RN, BSN is a Certified Transformation Coach, with over 21 years of nursing experience. She is also a former Jazzercise Instructor.

Jill joined in October 2013 after a significant weight gain from a knee injury. She began Fitlife Small Group Coaching program in February 2014 and to date has lost over 80 pounds! Her passion for helping people allows her to assist clients who are ready to transform their nutritional and mindset habits.

Jill believes it is her mission to contribute to a greater cause and you will find her leading by example. If you are looking for someone that wants to help by making the most impact possible, you can connect with her.
Jill Smart
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