Hustle and Grind? How To Truly Attract What You Want In Life

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Hustle and Grind? How To Truly Attract What You Want In Life

“How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.” – Panache

I look around and I see people bustling about as if their pants are on fire. They are so busy, busy, busy and focused on the hustle and grind. And they are stressed out of their minds!

Hustle hustle, grind grind, work work, hustle hustle…

Day in and day out their to-do list never seems to end and they are always chasing the next thing, be it a new degree or job or certification or promotion, they want that “thing” that is going to make them feel like they are ENOUGH and that they have finally “arrived.”

But then they get there and they realize they still aren’t satisfied. That hole in their chest is still wide open. And so they move on to the next thing. And the cycle of “doing” continues.

Are you one of these people? I used to be FOR SURE! And guess what? Sometimes I still find myself falling in this trap… but there’s a different way.

No judgement at all if you said yes. But this is a great time to create the awareness of this so you can SHIFT. Keep reading to see what I mean…

The Difference Between DOING And BEING

being, meaning, happiness

Biologically when we stare at a screen all day or are constantly in traffic and are always on the go – never taking a time out to focus on ourselves and on being – our cortisol levels remain high and we get stuck in our heads, always thinking, thinking, thinking and we go crazy!

How do we stop this craziness?

I believe the “hustle and grind” is just a piece of what makes you ultimately successful. But below the business and the daily grind, humans desperately need and crave deep meaning. Why are they doing what they do? What is the vision that drives them?

A vision is something that you create outside of yourself. You see, when we are in our heads all the time and thinking about our to-do lists and wondering when we’ll ever be “enough,” we are actually focused inward. It’s all about “me, me, me.”  What can I have? How can I be more? What is in this for me?

And we get stuck in human “doing-ness.”

It’s a trap, my friend.

There is something more powerful that your whole life should be centered around.  And that is human “being.”

Here’s a little secret.

You are already perfect.

You are sitting there reading this post and in the back of your mind the voices are saying, “I am not enough, I am not enough, I am not enough.”

STOP. Take a deep breath. And realize that you’re already perfect. You had a 1 in 4 trillion chance of being here! Take a moment to reflect on how grateful you are for the chance at LIFE. Take a moment and say “thank you” for a beating heart and lungs that can fill with air. Connect deeply with the core of what makes you human and let gratitude emanate from your being.

This gratitude will echo out into eternity and create a vibration that will impact your reality and draw people to you.

The Shift Into BEING

Ask yourself this…

being, meaning, happiness

How are you being? How has it served you thus far?

The most important things are not in “doing” or in the “hustle.” The most important things are in the BEING. Feel the vibration of these ways of being:








When you are being LOVE you are resonating at the highest frequency. This frequency will go out into the universe and then COME BACK TO YOU A HUNDRED TIMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN. You see, you don’t attract what you want… you attract what you ARE.

On a deep, metaphysical, spiritual level you attract what you are. That’s crazy powerful! When you ARE what you WANT, the right people, the right opportunities, the right events will start to show up in your life. True story.

The Challenge

Focus on ways of BEING.

being, meaning, happiness

What is it about the people that you love and admire that make them stand out to you? What are their ways of BEING? What and who do you want to be? (I’m guessing it’s the best possible version of the authentic you, which is magnificent!)

Stop just hustling and grinding!

Start BE-ing!

Let me know what you’re grateful for today! Comment in the box below. I love you all.

Remember, we’re in this together.  

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organifi-web2 being, meaning, happiness

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