Human Body Energy Clock: Discover The Best Time To Do Everything According To The Ancients


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Written by: Jenna Barrington

Our body is full of internal clocks.

Our “master clock” – the brain – is responsible for our 24 hour sleep/wake cycle. This is also referred to as our ‘circadian rhythm’.

Recently, scientists have discovered that every organ in our system has its own internal clock.

Fred Turek, a circadian scientists, went so far as to say, “…there are clocks in all the cells of your body.”

Eternal_clockMost of us notice that we go through natural cycles throughout each day. There might be times of day where we are more or less hungry, more or less energetic, more or less focus, etc.

If you practice self-awareness you may have already harnessed your body’s natural circadian rhythms to work to your advantage.

Other people haven’t paid much attention to the natural cycles of their body and live based on lifestyle choices and schedules.

Either way, there is something to be learned by tuning into how our body works on a day-to-day basis. When we understand what is going on inside of us we can better support it and live in a way that helps us have energy, motivation, good sleep habits and overall good health.

In Ayurvedic Medicine they teach that the body as a whole goes through 3 cycles every 24-hour period.

4AM-12PM Elimination

12PM-8PM Appropriation

8PM-4AM Assimilation

Elimination Cycle (4AM-12PM) – Body is focusing on cleansing and ridding itself of toxins. This tends to be why we wake up with bad breath and sometimes sweaty. During this time it is best to eat easily digestible foods like raw produce, green juice, smoothies, etc.

Appropriation Cycle (12PM-8PM) – System is most awake and active, focusing on digestion and metabolism. Important to eat when you are hungry and not only at “appropriate” meal times.

Assimilation Cycle (8PM-4AM) – Body relaxes and focuses on absorbing nutrients to revitalize cells and organs. Rebuilding, renewing, healing time. Best to have dinner a few hours before this cycle begins.

You can break the day down even further and figure out what SYSTEM or ORGAN your body is focusing on during any two hour period.


Between 3AM-5AM

You should be nearing a final sleep cycle at this point. Your body is focusing on the lungs. Deep breathing is important to bring more oxygen into your lungs, blood and nervous system.

Between 5AM-7AM

Prime time of the elimination cycle, your large intestine is busy making sure toxins are ready to be removed from the body. A lot of focus and energy goes to this part of your body as you usually rise and eliminate shortly afterwards.

Between 7AM-9AM

Energy and focus move to the stomach. After a long fasting period (while you were sleeping) your body is ready for nourishment. Exercise or some type of movement is important during this stage.

brain clockBetween 9AM-11AM

Focus is on the pancreas and spleen, which come next in the digestive system after the stomach. Both these organs are vital for your body to properly metabolize food and convert it to energy for your cells to use throughout the day.

Between 11AM-1PM

Your body is focused on your heart and circulatory system. Any food you ate upon rising is now in your blood stream and being sent to every system and cell in your body. Some people may start to feel a lull in energy at this point and may find refreshment by drinking some green juice or a cup of tea.

Between 1PM-3PM

Focus is on the small intestine and digestion. This is a good time to eat lunch. Many people also enjoy taking a nap during this period to rejuvenate and give their body some rest from the morning’s activities. Also an excellent time for meditation.


Between 3PM-5PM

Focus is on the bladder. The metabolism has been running since morning and is preparing to get rid of metabolic waste. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking lots of water.

Between 5PM-7PM

Focus is on the kidneys as they do their work filtering the body of waste and working with the lymphatic system to keep the body in flow and clear. Many people enjoy engaging in some sort of movement during this time of the day like walking or stretching. If you’ve eaten well throughout the day only a small, nutritious dinner will be needed at this point.

Between 7PM-9PM

This is when your blood pressure is usually the highest. It is a good time for relaxation, winding down and taking time to process the events of the day. Some people find libido to be at its peak during these hours.

brain-clock_0Between 9PM-11PM

The endocrine system is the main focus for your body now as it works to balance and replace nutrients and enzymes spent throughout the day. This is the ideal time to go to sleep.


It is amazing how connected we are with the cycles of the earth and the universe. When we start to pay attention to how our body functions we are given the opportunity to become more “in flow” and live life in a way that compliments our nature.

Have any thoughts on this? Comment below.



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Jenna Barrington is studying Therapeutic Nutrition and Holistic Medicine and aspires to be a practitioner, teacher and writer. She is passionate about education and helping others take control of their health.

Jenna lives with her husband in Utah and loves writing, cooking, green smoothies, training her dog, Japanese, spending time at the ocean, bungee jumping, walking barefoot in the grass and being with her family.
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