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Written by: Panorea White

Achieving things can be difficult if you don’t have self-discipline, which is a person’s control of self and/or control of his/her own conduct.

As a child, you had no concept of consequence. Most parents set boundaries in order to teach their children what comes as a result of certain actions. Consistency makes a home environment stable and is key to helping a child understand boundaries.

This is when self-discipline starts to blossom.

While growing up, children see certain behavior rewarded. They then take it upon themselves to act a certain way or do certain things that will give them a reward or praise. This behavior becomes much like a reflex.

A very famous psychologist at the turn of the 20th Century, Ivan Pavlov, found this to be true in his experiments with dogs. This is known as Pavlovian Conditioning – learning a new behavior via the process of association.

Many people, into adulthood, haven’t had consistent boundaries. Therefore, they have not developed self-discipline. To learn the skill of self-discipline as an adult can be complicated. Many people develop habits as they grow into adulthood. Depending on each individual’s environment, these could be either good or bad habits. In order to learn a positive habit like self-discipline, some people would have to “unlearn” many negative habits that they have acquired. This takes a tremendous amount of willpower, or in other words, determination.

This may seem difficult at first, but it is not impossible! It is important to do something new for 21 days or more. Know that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and to replace it with a good one. There are numerous studies that prove this to be so.

Moreover, if you have a difficult time achieving a goal or not accomplishing it at all, you may want to start by creating a routine. A routine is a set of actions regularly followed. This helps with work that needs to be done in an efficient manner. This technique should be applied to everything that you do. Don’t change your routine, no matter what, unless there is an emergency or an important event.

Also, place a particular task to a specific time period each and every day of the week. This is actually better than working long hours on one particular thing, because you won’t get burned-out.

Another technique, that is quite helpful for self-discipline is using a simple time management tool like a written schedule. A schedule can be simply done as a daily to do list. Having a written schedule helps you prioritize your time for what you need to do. For example, work comes first, so schedule everything else around it. This is crucial for knowing what you can accomplish in the time span you have. Also, avoid taking on more than one task at a time, unless they are meant to be done together.

Without a doubt, self discipline is a way to train yourself and create good habits. This changes the way you think and act in a positive way. Creating a routine and a schedule, along with hard work, can help you achieve any goal you have in mind. Stay positive and never give up on your dreams!

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Panorea White

Panorea White

Panorea White works as a part-time Freelance Writer and Editor for video in Los Angeles. After completing her B.S. in Political Science, Panorea went on to Law School, but later realized it was not the career route she wanted to take. Experience in writing was something that was gained throughout the years of her education. However, her love for writing never ended and that’s why she pursued a career in it.

Through her own personal health journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and she’s eager to share it with the world.
Panorea White

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