How To Stay Optimistic Through Change


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By Wendy Frisby

Have you ever tried out a diet or attempted to change a habit and fell off the wagon?  Maybe you ate foods that you shouldn’t have, or perhaps you were trying to change the way you do things, but fell back into the way you’ve always done them.

At such a point, a lot of people just throw their hands up and say, “forget it, this isn’t for me.”

Maybe that sounds like you…

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1% Can Make A Difference


Let me explain.

You need to change your mindset or the way you look at things. Instead of dwelling on the negative approach (such as, “I just ate a whole cake”), dwell on the positive.

The 1% theory simply states that you continuously work to improve your circumstances (habits, etc.) at least 1% each day. Over time, this brings about some pretty incredible results.

An example of this would be: Okay, so you ate the whole cake, but you remembered to drink 80 oz of water, or to go for a walk or to even eat 3 sufficient whole food meals. No, it’s not perfect… but that 1% DOES count for something and you need to learn to give yourself credit for even the smallest victories. Especially when it comes to weight loss. Stress, after all, increases cortisol, which holds onto FAT! Not to mention, too much cortisol disrupts sleep patterns, which also contributes to excess weight.

In the past, I easily fell into the “woe is me” trap. I felt so guilty that I would just freeze and quit, convincing myself that “this must not be me.”

My life has changed so much since I changed my way of thinking and you can do it too. Just a 1% difference every day can make such an improvement – I speak from my own personal experience and that of my clients.

Making The Change

You try your best to eat right, but as long as your day is 1% better than yesterday, you’re on track. Then the next day, repeat by doing 1% better

Focus just 1% of your time each day on yourself instead of on others. If you are like me, all your time has been spent on looking after work, caring for the family, etc. Give yourself at least 1% of that time daily. You will feel and be so much better having spent a little time on yourself.

Start to write down 1- 5 things that you are grateful for each day. When you realize how good things actually are, than you can change from being a pessimist to an optimist and improve your outlook 1% at a time.

I challenge you to:

1. Look for where you can add 1% of improvement into your day in everything, including your diet. Small changes yield big results as well as help you appreciate your progress.

2. Give yourself 1% of your time daily. Doing whatever YOU decide will benefit your personal growth and well-being most.

3. Write down what you are grateful for daily. You will be amazed at how great things really are.

4. Find a Transformation Coach with to assist with finding and recognizing the 1% improvement, provide encouragement, accountability and improvement in mindset.

5. Leave me a note below of how adding 1% into your life has helped. Or if you’re having a hard time with this process, share your struggles. I guarantee you are NOT alone.whydentity

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Wendy Frisby

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Wendy Frisby is a Hospice Nurse and a Certified Transformation Coach. She enjoys spending time helping to provide others the tools to upgrade their health and lifestyle in ways that are realistic and sustainable. Wendy is creative and loves building things for her home in addition to her devotion to her church.Wendy can be reached either at Email or Facebook.
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