How To Stay Healthy This Cold And Flu Season

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How To Stay Healthy This Cold And Flu Season

Written by: Janet Early

The holiday decorations have been stored away, the New Year’s wishes have been wished and the Christmas tree has been taken down (not yours yet? Don’t worry, mine neither). But there is one thing leftover from the holidays that is not going away… illness.

Sneezes, coughs, red faces and mentions of cold medicine are currently plaguing my office.

Sick season has most unpleasantly arrived. The worst part about it is that most people who should be staying home in bed resting still show up to the office or school. This jeopardizes everybody’s wellness and brings us to tip #1 on how to stay healthy this winter season.

Tip #1

If you’re feeling unwell, stay home. No one’s looking at you like you’re employee of the year because you’re project managing when you should be home in bed; instead, they’re covering their faces at the sight of you because they don’t want to catch your germs!

Rest breeds healing. Rushing back to a stressful work environment will likely make the illness worse.

If for some reason you can’t take off work, then communicate with your manager to see if you can work remotely so that you don’t spread the illness.

Tip #2

Unless absolutely necessary, ditch the OTT pharmaceutical meds. Many contain sub-par ingredients and can actually worsen the health of your immune or gastrointestinal systems.

Start with the old-school, holistic remedies. Easily attainable ingredients like turmeric, honey, mint, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and lemons have natural anti-inflammatory, throat-soothing properties that can bolster your immune system while reducing aggravating symptoms.

Check out the article here for a list of even more natural powerful antibiotics.

Also try the garlic soup recipe here to strengthen your immune system against any cold or flu!

Tip #3

Get enough sleep. For most people, this translates to approximately 8 hours of shut-eye each night.

Critical healing processes occur during sleep:

  • Renewal and repair of tissues throughout the body
  • Cell division
  • Protein synthesis
  • Wound recovery
  • Supports growth hormone regulation, which promotes bone health and the formation of red blood cells
  • Supports the release of anabolic (renewing) hormones

Without adequate sleep, your immune system is less equipped to fight off the germs floating around this winter. Make sleep a priority this new year.

Above all else, take care of yourself. Sickness is your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down, take it easy and rest up!

Janet Early

Janet Early

Janet Early is a health enthusiast living in Los Angeles and working as a researcher for a major television company. An aspiring writer, Janet discovered her passion for wholesome nutrition and natural healing while navigating the struggles of balancing food sensitivities in a modern world. In addition to nutrition, she enjoys traveling, storytelling and embarking on daily adventures.
Janet Early


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