How To Start Your Day Positive, Empowered and Happy

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By Vickie Baker

Every morning, you wake up to a new day; a chance to begin with a clean slate and make that day be whatever you choose it to be.

And therein lies the silver bullet  – YOU CHOOSE.

You make hundreds – if not thousands – of choices each and every day, such as what you do, what you eat, what you wear, how you feel and how you behave. But the most important decision you make is the attitude you choose to embrace.

The longer I live, the more I realize that attitude is everything. Attitude is more important than your appearance,  money,  education, skills, job or career. It is more important than what someone else thinks or says or does to you and it is more important than what happened in your past and all of your successes or failures combined. Life is 20% what happens to you, 80% what you choose to make happen.

Starting your day with a grateful, “can do” attitude will impact not only you, but all those you interact with. There is one moment during each morning of your life and if you catch it, you have the opportunity to set your attitude and program a beautiful, healthy, happy and productive day – before you even step foot out of bed. That moment is just after you shut off the alarm or when you are lying in bed just before you open your eyes. It’s that moment just before the flood of over 70,000 thoughts about your day hit you. This is your moment – your opportunity to choose how you will play today.

I offer you a simple, 3 step ritual you can implement tomorrow and each and every day of your life thereafter that will have an immensely positive impact on not only your day – but that of everyone around you too!

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1. Name at least 3 things you are grateful for: We simply spend too much time focusing on what is wrong in our lives. So, instead, choose to focus on what is right. Quickly name 3 things you are grateful for. For example, your nice warm bed, your partner laying next to you or the children in the next room, your home, your job that pays the bills, your family or friends and you – your perseverance and determination and initiative. I could go on and on here – and so can you.

Starting your day being grateful changes your focus to what is right in your life and away from that which you perceive to be imperfect. Even scientists have concluded that feeling grateful can not only increase your happiness, but can help you cope better with daily stress. There is no more beautiful start to a perfect day than being thankful.

2. Choose one area in your life you will focus on or approach in a more positive manner today: Choose to start that special project you have been putting off. Focus on something meaningful to you or something you’ve been consistently putting off – even for 5-10 minutes each day. Choose to smile at each and every colleague you interact with, or choose to deal with a situation differently.

For example, perform breathing exercises while sitting in traffic or a meeting rather than letting either one get to you. Choose to feel beautiful in your clothes. Choose to treat your body well for the day and drink water or eliminate sugar. Choose to implement just one thing every day that is meaningful to you in a positive way. Then tomorrow, choose another.

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3. Identify one nice thing you will do for someone else: This is your daily pay-it-forward moment. A phone call, email or text to your mom, sister, daughter, son or friend. Pick up a card to mail to someone, or write a positive comment on a post-it note to a partner or spouse and stick it on their computer or somewhere they’ll see it, letting them know you appreciate them. Buy a colleague a cup of coffee or offer to help someone in need. One good deed a day has an enormously positive impact on your attitude and your happiness quotient. It just feels good.

Inserting grateful, empowering and positive thoughts into your mind daily will result in a shift of consciousness. Not only will you be happier, you will be healthier and more productive and those around you will benefit immensely. So, start your day off right. Remember, your attitude is your choice!


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Vickie Baker
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Vickie Baker

Certified Project Management Professional and Author at Vickie T Baker
Vickie Baker is a daughter, mother, wife, grandmother, nature lover and author.A certified project management professional with a bachelor’s degree in industrial and management engineering, she is also a certified health coach accredited through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Vickie specializes in using project management tools to coach her clients to live long, happy and healthy lives, while making their dreams come true.
Vickie Baker
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