How to Spring Clean for Your Health in 3 Easy Steps


drewssexybody (3)Written by: Doris Dahdouh

Ahhh, springtime is just around the corner!

It makes me think of birds chirping, colorful flowers blooming and people coming out of hiding. It is that time of year where the clocks have sprung forward and daylight lasts a little longer. In most parts of the world, winter has caused plant life to “go to sleep,” while individuals have gone into their own kind of hibernation. Springtime breeds freshness and new energy in the air. Trees, plants and flowers are coming to life with leaves sprouting, bulbs growing and flowers blossoming. New is all around you and it is time for some spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning typically means deep cleaning the house and can be accredited to Persian, Chinese and Jewish traditions. Each culture has its own way of Spring Cleaning and the history therein. However, I want to talk to you about an innovative way to look at spring cleaning.

Chances are you have heard of, or read about, “detoxing” and/or “cleansing”. Maybe you thought about doing a cleanse yourself, but feel a little inadequate to start? Please know that you have the power, strength and ability within you. All you need are the right tools to get started.

Here are 3 SPRING CLEANING TIPS for your best possible health and well-being.

1. Cleanse your body.

Spring-clean-your-body-with-this-simple-raw-food-diet-menu-plan1The first thing a person does when cleaning house is throw out all the old junk. The same goes for your body. Get rid of those toxins! You can do this by trying a 3-10 day juice fast. If a juice fast sounds too hardcore, then eat plenty of clean foods with detoxing components. is a great resource for ideas and inspiration on the subject matter.

Steer clear from sugary and artificially flavored drinks. Replace fried, processed and gluten-filled foods with plant-based whole foods. Drink plenty of water and limit your intake of alcohol. Whenever possible, eat organic and/or locally grown produce to lessen your chances of being exposed to GMOs, pesticides and harmful chemicals. What you put in your body affects your health, mood, weight and ability to fight off illnesses and/or diseases. Remember, what you eat is roughly 80% of the equation for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Cleanse your relationships.

Cleaning taskforce - woman with kids tidy upA lot of people are involved in unhealthy, toxic and/or dysfunctional relationships, whether they are romantic, friendly and/or familial. Relationships are meant to add joy, support and pleasure to your life. If any of your relationships are causing you unnecessary stress, problems and/or suffering physically or mentally, it is time to get out! Waiting is not helpful and can do more harm than good. If you are unable to take that step on your own, it may be time to get help from a trusted friend/family member, professional counselor or a spiritual guide/mentor.

3. Cleanse your mind.

Clean out any and all negative thoughts immediately! Negativity breeds misfortune and it is a fact that behavior change begins in your head. Trade-in every negative thought for a positive one. The more you practice doing this, the easier it becomes and soon enough, it will be your new “normal.”

summer-woman-with-shiny-hairA simple exercise to get you started is to grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. List every negative thought that crosses your mind in a day on one side. Then, write a positive one to counteract the negative thought on the other side. If you get stuck, ask a trusted friend/person to lend a hand. After you have completed this written task, actively use the list to consciously make the switch in your brain.

I hope these tips give you the confidence to make some “clean” changes. Springtime is a perfect occasion to do some spring cleaning to achieve optimal health. You are beyond worth it! It is your time to shine and start brand spanking new! Best wishes!

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Doris Dahdouh
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Doris Dahdouh

Doris Dahdouh has a Master’s Degree in social work and has helped counsel children and help families since 2001. In 2012, she became very ill due to a hormonal imbalance and autoimmune disorder. Doris was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) many years ago and was treated with mainstream medicine which did not help her. She hit rock bottom before finding refuge in holistic living, by juicing, going gluten free and eating clean, organic, whole foods. Over the past couple of years, Doris has educated herself on a healthy lifestyle by reading information by Dr. Joel Furhman, Drew Canole, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Josh Axe, Vani Hari (a.k.a. Food Babe) and more.

Doris is enrolled to become a certified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is very excited to help others achieve their best by combining her psychoanalytic skills and what she hopes to learn in the health coaching certification program. With a heart for others, she is eager to continue assisting as many people as possible towards optimal health.
Doris Dahdouh
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