How To Smash Through The Pain Barrier To Boost Your Workout Performance


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By Fabrice Joseph

Are you looking to make the most out of your workout?

The key is giving it your best, your absolute all. This looks good on paper, but in reality, you have to deal with the pain when you are really stretching yourself and pushing your limits.

In fact, many clients have told me that the reason that they don’t like personal trainers is because they push them too hard and it’s painful. Like you, they know – no pain, no gain (assuming you’re not actually hurting yourself in the process).

Your ability to endure pain and keep pushing can give you quality results. If you are competing in sports, being able to push through pain can give you an edge. If you are just competing against yourself in whatever activity, you get to enjoy and embrace the results of your hard labor.

I know that for me, the harder I push myself in the gym, the better the results in terms of muscle gain and my confidence in my outward appearance.

The proven technique (tested on myself and my clients) that I am about to share with you can help you build a state of mind capable of enduring high levels of pain and workout intensity.

Here is the 5-step protocol that you can use to enter a high pain-enduring state:

1. Priming Your Mind

Before the workout, make a decision that you are going to do your best and remind yourself why you need to give it your all!

What are your goals? Close your eyes, imagine your goal – full-size and bright – and crank up the emotions. If it’s a particular look that you want to achieve, imagine that, or if you are looking to beat your personal best, imagine how you will feel after that and what this achievement could do for you.

2. Setting The Scene

Close your eyes and imagine the last time you had an epic workout where you really cranked up the intensity. Or imagine yourself working out with full force. What’s the look on your face like? How do you breathe? What are you saying to yourself? What are you focusing on? Again, make the scene bright, large and crank up the emotions.

3. Setting The Power Word

When you begin to feel the intensity rising within you and you’re feeling pumped and super motivated during your imagined workout, say in your mind (or out loud) your power word. A power word could be anything such as “max out”, “go”, “yes,” etc.

4. Using Your Power Word

During your workout, say your power word the moment you feel you need a booster. Also, when you are working out, really step into that best version of yourself that you imagined previously. Use your imagination to raise your standards and release untapped power within you.

5. Power Up!

If you want to add more power and intensity to your power word, repeat the whole process again.

Use this technique before every workout. With repetition, your power word will get stronger and stronger and will leverage more emotional intensity – which can help you push beyond your boundaries.

Before you go: Safety! Let me stress on SAFETY. Whatever you do, please do so safely. Although this technique is safe to use, caution must be applied at all times to avoid injury.

Now What?

Go ahead and use this technique the next time you workout. Come back here to report your results by commenting down below or if you have a question that you would like to ask me privately, leave me a note and we’ll get in touch.

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Fabrice Joseph
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Fabrice Joseph

Certified Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner at Fabrice Joseph Hypnotherapy
Fabrice Joseph is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. He has been the student of world-renowned experts in the field of Behavioural Change and Human Potential, thereby integrating multiple powerful methodologies in his coaching practice.

Fabrice’s mission is simple – to help people overcome their limiting thought patterns so that they can live their life to its fullest.
Fabrice Joseph
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