How to Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Written By Tricia Davis-Payne

Fluoride has been a topic of great debate. We have a culture in our medical and dental community that claims the use of this chemical is healthy and necessary for ensuring healthy teeth.  This opinion is based on scientific evidence that has been conducted by the very industry that profits from the use of this chemical in our lives.

On the other hand, there is a wealth of scientific data that supports the opinion that fluoride is toxic to the young and developed human body. This scientific evidence has no profit to gain or lose in conducting and communicating this important science. No matter the position, the use of fluoride is pervasive and enforced on the general public through our water supply across many cities in America.


I have decided that I do not want to ingest fluoride, nor do I want my child to ingest fluoride. Making the decision to stop ingesting fluoride is easy. But how do you remove the fluoride you’ve already ingested?

It’s important to first understand where fluoride goes once it enters your body. Fluoride accumulates in the body and is attracted to our teeth, bones and brain. Specifically the Pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. Studies conducted in the 1990’s in England showed that the Pineal Gland absorbs more fluoride than any other area of the body, even the bones.   The Pineal Gland is responsible mainly for producing melatonin, which regulates our sleep patterns, regulates mood and in children under 7, minimizes sexual development, aiding in the body’s growth into maturity.

While there are many proposed methods of removing fluoride from the body, there are 3 main ways to remove toxins from all areas of the body, including the brain. The blood is the system by which all toxins are distributed and is the same system that aids the body in cleansing and removing toxins. Therefore, cleaning the blood is highly productive in the detoxification of the entire body.


The fastest method of removal is fasting. This has been a popular weight loss technique, simply because weight gain is an over abundance of toxins stored in the fat cells of the body. The same is true for toxins that accumulate in areas of the body that do not show physical signs, like big thighs.

When fasting, the body’s digestive system is taking a break, allowing the blood to distribute cleansing to the body and work to maximum potential, while the digestive system rests. Digesting food takes a lot of work and when you allow this to rest, the body can work diligently in other areas. Moving nutrients to the blood stream quickly and effectively.

Fasting can be done for several days or several weeks. Each person will be different in the level of fasting they can tolerate. However long the fast, there are side effects. Toxins leaving the body cause many symptoms including, but not limited to, headaches, feeling tired and lacking energy, mood swings, nausea, diarrhea and a host of other symptoms like skin rashes. The more toxic the body is, the more intense the detox symptoms will be.

Fasting means no eating. It means turning off your digestive system. The body still wants nourishment and should be adequately stimulated with pure water and/or fresh juice. The body is 72% water, so the average person should consume at least 1 gallon of distilled liquids each day during a fast. Distilled liquids are a key element to cleansing the body.


Pure (distilled) water and juice from vegetables and fruits carries cleaning agents through the blood so that inorganic material (like fluoride, aluminum, and a variety of other heavy metals and chemicals including radiation) is attracted to the pure waters and washed away from the body.  The organic nutrients in the juice of fruit and vegetables aides in replenishing the body, which would otherwise be accomplished by eating.

If fasting isn’t for you, then simply adding 1 gallon of distilled water and/or fresh vegetable and fruit juice to your daily routine will also clean the body. It simply takes longer than one would accomplish in a fasting period. But it will still aid in removing unwanted toxins from all areas of the body.

The third most effective way to cleanse the pineal gland, where fluoride is most attracted, is through meditating. Meditation has many health benefits, but most importantly it exercises the Pineal Gland, causing the very soft tissue to be activated by the body and flush out the calcification that almost every American has in this part of their brain from over-exposure to fluoride and other heavy metals.

While there are many foods that work to accommodate the same detoxing agents in the body, it is my experience that flushing the body with distiller waters and juices alone or coupled with practicing regular meditation produce faster results and many more beneficial aspects than munching on some nuts or herbs.


By Tricia Davis-Payne

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