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“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” – Mark Twain

How do you react  when someone gives you a compliment?

Are you able to acknowledge it, accept it gracefully and let it sink into your being?

Or do you feel awkward, like you have to shy away and feel unsure about the nice thing someone has said about you?

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.53.26 PMToday I want to teach you a principal that will help you move forward in life with more confidence, more gratitude and more joy every day.

It is time for you to start acknowledging yourself in a way that you can accept a compliment graciously when someone gives it to you, my friend.


Because when you choose to do the opposite, when you brush off or argue the compliments you receive, it is a symptom that you don’t believe in yourself.

You are doubting yourself.

A good friend recently told me this….

“Doubting yourself is doubting your creator.”

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Think about that. Let that sink in for just a moment.

Doubting yourself is doubting your creator. When we doubt ourselves, we are doubting the bigger plan – our Source. When we doubt ourselves, we are denying our oneness with God, the Universe and the galaxies and believing that we are all alone and without destiny.

You were created for something bigger than you may even realize, my friend.

So as an outward expression of your desire to believe in yourself (and thus your creator), I want to challenge you to start accepting the compliments you receive.

Instead of responding to a compliment such as:

“Hey, you are doing such a good job and I want you to know that I really appreciate your hard work.”

With this:

  • “Oh, it’s nothing…”
  • “I’m sure anyone could do it…”
  • “Aw, you’re sweet but I’m not doing much…”
  • “Someday I’ll be good at it…”

Try responding with this:

  • “Thank you.”
  • “Thank you, I’ve really been putting a lot of work into it.”
  • “That means a lot to me. Thank you.”
  • “I really appreciate that! I’ve been wanting this to turn out well and it feels good to know you can see that.”

Start accepting compliments instead of pushing them aside and see how your life starts to change.

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Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t get a lot of compliments. That’s okay! It’s not a reflection of your worth, trust me!

Some people are so busy living their own lives, they get wrapped up in it all without openly acknowledging others. We’ve all been there.

If you are one of those people that rarely gets compliments or open acknowledgements or praise, know that I think you’re amazing! I know you are working hard and I know that you have come such a long way. And I am really proud of you for being such an incredible example of love in this world.

Instead of letting this bother you, here is what I want you to do.

Take that energy and focus even more on giving compliments out to others. Spread all the love you have within you…

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Don’t do it with the intent of receiving more, but pay attention to how people begin to acknowledge you.

The more good you choose to see in someone else’s life, the more you will start to see in your own. When you start to focus on the good around and when you choose to acknowledge it, the same thing is going to come right back to you.

Call it karma if you want.  🙂

The truth is, giving is the best way to begin receiving.

Don’t just take my word for it! Apply this principle in your life, then come back and tell me what you find.  

The Challenge

Give out at least 5 sincere compliments every day.

Make sure they are sincere and that you mean them. Notice the good in those around you. They might not accept compliments as gracefully as you at first, but soon they will catch on.

It’s time to raise the vibration of our lives. It’s time to set an example of greatness, something that we all have within us. Something I know you have so much of… and the world needs more love, my friend.

Remember, we’re in this together.

Always remember, we’re in this together!

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