How to Celebrate and Still Keep on Track


By Andrea Johnson

All throughout the year, you typically celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings and other special occasions. You may even be celebrating several times a month. The focus of these celebrations is often on family, friends, food and drinks. This encourages many people to overeat since these gatherings often have special treats you only get during that one time of the year. It’s easy to say “just this one time.” It’s even easier to over indulge.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with all things green and Irish, including green frosted cupcakes, corned beef and cabbage, shamrock shakes, Reubens, soda bread and green beer.

To have a great St. Patrick’s Day, you can indulge a little and still stay on track if you follow these 4 tips!

1. Be picky – You can consider all of your options and make a selection based on what you love. If you take a bite and you don’t love it, don’t eat it. If you like it, then decide how much you really need of it. If a few bites satisfy you, stop at a few bites. You don’t have to eat everything or clean your plate.

2. Review menus – If you are celebrating at a restaurant, review the menu online before you go. Review the calories and nutritional data. Make a choice based on what you love and also consider the calories and health value. Stay away from fried foods, cream sauces and gravy. If you select a salad, you can’t go wrong with lemon with balsamic vinegar or even salsa as your dressing.

3. Eat guilt-free – You can ask yourself how you will feel if you eat that piece of cake. Is it really worth it? If it is, enjoy that piece of cake without guilt. Once we let go of the guilt, the food loses its power. And remember, you don’t have to eat the whole piece. Plus, guilt creates stress and stress holds onto fat!

4. Use the “Hunger Scale” – Think about how hungry you are. Are you ravenous, or are you actually not that hungry? Use this gauge to determine how much you should eat. Set an intention to feel better when you’re done. You can also gauge your hunger throughout the day and save yourself unwanted calories.

To indulge a little and save even more calories, you can also make these 3 swaps:

1. Instead of a small shamrock shake, have a small vanilla ice cream cone and save 384 calories and 53 grams of sugar.

2. Instead of a Guinness Extra Stout, have a Guinness Kaliber and save 105 calories.

3. Instead of a green frosted cupcake, have a green frosted mini cupcake and save 142 calories and 15 grams of sugar.

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

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Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Whole Plate
Andrea Johnson is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with Whole Plate. She specializes in autoimmune diseases, weight loss and preventative health. She is a member of the Health Coach Group, The Inner Circle and the International Association for Health Coaches.
Andrea Johnson

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