How I Healed Myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 6 Months

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I managed to totally transform my health from being so ill that I couldn’t work, to being fit enough to be able to run for an hour each day in just 6 months.

Minor Health Problems

I could never say my health was brilliant.  I ate nothing but beans on toast with cheese for at least 10 years of my life and did very little exercise.  It was only when I started putting on weight at university that I learned  how to eat more healthily and started doing some exercise.  For the next 10 years I continued to be slim, doing exercise and watching what I ate, eating what I thought was a fairly healthy diet.  Despite this I still had chronic allergies, hayfever, eczema and asthma, debilitating IBS and many other problems that affected the quality of my life.

Debilitating Health Problems

My health started to really go downhill after I got married.  Maybe it was because I gave up dieting and piled on a lot of weight.  I went up 4 dress sizes very quickly and my health was really suffering too.  I felt so ill all the time but I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me either and labelled me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome but couldn’t tell me why I was so ill.

It was a horrible time in my life because I was just newly married and I felt so useless. I couldn’t work and could barely do anything round the house.  Some days it took all the energy I had just to have a bath, then I had to lie down for an hour afterwards as I was so weak and shaky.

Because the doctors couldn’t find anything concrete that was wrong with me I felt like people weren’t believing I was so ill which was the worst part about it all. I constantly had a cold or flu all winter and had such bad allergies all year round that I couldn’t stop scratching my eyes.  I ended up in A&E as I had scratched my eye so badly.  I had such bad skin too.  I had listed over 50 health symptoms and was determined to get to the root of the problem.

Discovering Diet Solutions

I decided I wasn’t going to live like this and was determined to get well.  I started taking the matter into my own hands and started reading every book on health I could get my hands on. I read the following books:

and many many more.

UPDATE: These are all vegan books.  My health did completely recover after implementing a vegan diet.  However, after 4 years on a mostly vegan diet with 2 pregnancies during this time, my health problems returned.  You can read my latest story here about why I’m no longer a vegan.  However, I do believe we are all let to follow different diets at different times of our lives and I still believe a vegan diet can be healthy especially as a temporary detox.   Although my diet is no longer vegan, I would still call it plant based and I STILL adore drinking Green Smoothies and Green Thickies.

What all these books have in common is that they all follow plant based diets.  They all seemed to make sense to me but I was still so confused as to which specific path to take.

green juiceThe Raw Food Diet I Chose for Optimum Health

It wasn’t until I read the 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham that I knew I’d found the right diet for me.  It just seemed to make sense and fit with my existing beliefs.  I believed that to get healthy the best thing for me to do would be to cut out all food that my body found hard to digest and was causing me harm and to only consume a natural diet which was easy for my body to process.  That meant only eating fruit, salad veg and limited amounts of nuts, seeds and avocados.  I cut out everything else and for the next 6 months I ate nothing else.  Not one bite of cooked food passed through my lips.

It was a very easy diet to follow as I could get all the ingredients at my local shop.  I didn’t have to spend any extra money on ‘health’ products.  I believe all fruit and vegetables are ‘superfoods’ as they naturally contain everything we need for optimum health.

A reason to stay committed

Never before in my whole life had I ever been so determined to stick to a diet.  If I had been sticking to a diet for weight loss, I would have given up within a couple of weeks but I was so determined to be well again and get my life back that I would have done anything to get there.  I really wanted a family and didn’t think I’d be able to conceive or would be well enough to look after a baby without good health.  That gave me the determination to stick to the green smoothie diet for 6 months.


I did go through a pretty horrible detox which is the only negative thing regaining your healtht.  However, there are 2 things to consider before letting this put you off detoxing for health.

1) I was already so ill every day that it didn’t matter to me if I was ill with a detox on top of that.  Besides I did see my health improving every day despite the detox symptoms.

2) I jumped in with the raw food diet and started it 100% overnight without letting my body get used to raw food first.  If you are concerned about the detox and having to carry on with your existing responsibilities then I would suggest changing your diet only one meal at a time.  Only move on to more raw food when you feel able to.  You should be able to avoid such a bad detox that way.


Before and After Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although I’m smiling, I’m actually very unwell on the first photo. The second photo is me today enjoying wellness with my new baby girl.

Recovering my health

Overnight  a lot of my health problems did actually go away, such as the allergies, the IBS and the extreme tiredness.  After my detox symptoms had passed I suddenly felt so many positive benefits:

  • My low blood sugar had gone.  I could get up and do a workout and not have to eat anything until mid morning as I had so much energy.
  • I was the fittest I’ve ever felt in my life. I quickly was able to run for an hour a day plus complete the P90X program.  I felt so strong.
  • needed much less sleep.  My insomnia had gone at night time.  I could get to sleep very quickly but I did wake up early feeling like I’d had enough sleep.
  • I had so much energy.  I didn’t have any slumps in the day and was very motivated.
  • lost 56 pounds in weight and was slimmer than I was when I was a teenager.
  • I felt full all day long and lost cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • My skin was clear of the terrible acne I had a few months prior to the diet.
  • For the first time in 14 years I didn’t have any problems with my teeth and made it to my check up without tooth ache, and the dentist gave me the all clear for the first time ever.

Why I stopped eating 100% raw food

I hadn’t planned to stay 100% raw forever but when I got pregnant after 6 months of being on the diet I came off the diet and went back to cooked vegan food.  I did have a period of illness for the first few months but I’m unsure as to whether that was pregnancy or diet related.  After experimenting with juicing, an unhealthy time and then going back to green smoothies I started to feel much better towards the end of my pregnancy.

What diet do I follow today?

I still totally believe in the power of raw foods and greens but I don’t think I could stick to a totally raw food diet for many reasons.  So the diet that suits me, my health and my lack of time to prepare food due to my baby is as follows:

  • BreakfastGreen Thickies (Smoothie with fruit, greens, fillers, seeds and nuts)
  • Lunch: Salad or a soup with houmous and vegetable sticks
  • Dinner:  Cooked plant based meal with large green salad
  • Snacks: I don’t have time for many snacks but in the evening I may have a green smoothie, or some fruit.

I do still feel very well providing I stick to a healthy diet, get enough sleep (hard with a new baby), get fresh air, exercise and maintain a positive mental attitude.  There is more to good health than just diet but I believe diet is a big part of the puzzle and can affect the other areas of your life in such a positive way, so it’s always a great place to start if you are suffering from health problems.

I had prayed for years to be healed of my health problems but I didn’t realise the solution was something I had complete control of myself.  I needed to put the effort in to change my own life.  I feel so blessed now to discover the solution to turning round my health and now make the most of every day and really enjoy spending time with my family without feeling dreadful all the time.  I am so passionate about healthy eating and I really want to help you achieve the same amazing health that I am experiencing.

I always thought going to the doctors would provide the answer to my health problems, but doctors are not there to prevent health problems, only to help sufferers with the symptoms, usually with medication.  This great post on the Wellness Warrior helps you to understand What Sickness Means.  The Wellness Warrior managed to heal herself of cancer through diet and is a great inspiration.

Read my green smoothie diet weight loss journey, and if you’re still not convinced  check out the following green smoothie benefits.  Find some delicious green thickie recipes and make a start improving your life today.

Please share my story so you can help others achieve wellness.  I would be very grateful if you could leave a comment below telling me  if you have managed to improve your own health or if you are ready to start on this amazing journey.

Source: Green Thickies

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