How Healthy Are You REALLY?

blackboard seriesNx86xdrewssexybody-3By Lindsay Sibson

I’m naturally a trusting person. And I like that about myself. I’ll give a person, place, or thing the benefit of the doubt before making a judgement. I’m willing to keep an open mind, try something new and learn as much as I can – without an overly skeptical mind.


However, I have a MAJOR issue… and it has to do with propaganda, marketing and information about what is “healthy.”

You see, I’ve had some digestive health issues, which left me feeling tired, bloated and just plain BLAH. I did what most people would do and went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed me medicine to “alleviate my symptoms” and I was sent along my merry way.

Now, I’ve never been one to take medicine, so the thought of having to take daily medication so that I could eat food just didn’t seem logical to me – there HAD to be a better way!

As a result of this experience, I have become a lifelong learner and detective of what it means to be truly HEALTHY. For starters, the definition of health is vast… yet it must be personal. What one expert tells you is the BEST for him/her, may end up being a disaster for you.

You are one-of-a-kind and it is up to YOU to figure out what your “HEALTHY” is. However, exploring your health and what makes you feel great will not be a one-off task – it will be a lifelong process. You will change. Your health will change. Your thoughts will change. As a result, you must ALWAYS nurture and pay attention to your health.

Does it sound like a HUGE task to you?

It should.

Because YOU and your health are incredibly important!

Sometimes, you don’t realize just how precious your health is until you experience disease or injury. The flu feels absolutely terrible. Spraining your ankle makes walking painful. Don’t even get me started on how awful constipation feels (it’s the WORST)!

To make this job a bit more manageable, there are some guidelines and questions you can ask yourself daily. Consider these questions as your personal and private check-up that will keep your health headed in the right direction.


1. YOU are responsible for your health.

    • Take 100% ownership.
    • Make it your mission to find what is best for YOU.

2. EVERYTHING you consume has an effect on how you feel and perform.

    • What you eat.
    • What you drink.
    • The personal care products you use (makeup, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion etc..).
    • The air your breathe.

3. Your inner dialogue

    • It impacts how you feel about yourself.
    • It influences your actions.
    • “What you think about is what you bring about.”

4. You are meant to feel GREAT, have energy and be happy.

    • Feeling tired all the time is not “normal.”
    • Not sleeping well at night is a sign that your health needs attention.

Now, here are some questions you can ask yourself that will guide you in making decisions and taking actions that promote wonderful health:

1. How do I feel right now? – If you don’t feel how you desire, then take action and CHANGE it.

2. Is this food going to enhance my health and give me energy? Is this the best option for me NOW? – Keep a healthy option on hand so you are prepared instead of being stuck hungry without anything to eat other than unhealthy – energy depleting – options (prep = pack your lunch, cook dinner at home, keep snacks in your bag, etc…).

3. Have I consumed enough water today? – Staying hydrated is vital for your body to function optimally. A good target is half your weight in ounces daily, more if you’re active.

4. Am I being authentic? – It takes a lot of time and energy to act and pretend that you are something that you are not. Express yourself in a way that is true, genuine and a direct reflection of who you are!

5. What am I grateful for? – Do you have access to fresh food? Can you walk and move your body? These are simple things, but not everyone in the world does or can. Be thankful! Every single day.lleader_34 (1)

Lindsay Sibson

Lindsay Sibson

Lindsay Sibson turned her lifelong dream of traveling the world into a reality when she first stepped on a plan in April of 2014. With the simple intention of learning more about this beautiful world, she stepped away from corporate America to explore an alternative lifestyle of long term international travel, volunteering, blogging and pursuing a blissfully happy and fulfilling way of life.

Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life. Connect with her on her website and follow her travels on Instagram (

Through her blog, Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life.
Lindsay Sibson

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