Hormones: Why They Matter and 6 Tips To Balance Them Naturally


By Amanda Wilson

“Don’t mess with me today, I’m hormonal.”  How many times have you used this phrase? Or heard it! If I had a dollar for every time I used this phrase, I would be writing this article from the back of my 400 foot yacht in the Cote D’Azur instead of my wobbly dining table.

Hormones affect everything, including: weight, mood, skin, fertility, libido and energy levels.  Healing your hormones could heal your life!

So, why aren’t you taking better care of your hormones instead of just blaming them for your bad mood?

6 Things You Can Start Today To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

1. Eat Organic At Least 80% Of The Time.

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Pesticides disrupt hormones and cause many other health problems, despite what you may hear from the mainstream media. Among agricultural staff who work with genetically modified (GM) foods, there are higher rates of miscarriage. Spending a few more bucks on organic produce can be easily justified by the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  At a minimum, consume the organic version of the top ten foods with the most pesticides: apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, spinach, sweet bell peppers, nectarines, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.

2. Stock Up On Cinnamon.

Who doesn’t love cinnamon? Well, cinnamon loves you too, sweetheart!  Cinnamon is a hormone lovin’ spice. It also lowers blood pressure and increases lean body mass.  Sprinkle half a teaspoon on your oatmeal in the morning or in your tea and coffee.  Yogi (brand) makes some tasty cinnamon teas.

3. Get Fat!

No, I’m not giving you permission to belly up to the all you can eat buffet at Denny’s. Eat more good fats such as: avocado, nuts, seeds and egg yolks. The choline and iodine in egg yolks are also crucial for making healthy thyroid hormones. A veggie omelette with avocado would be an example of a hormone happy start to your day. All of these years of being told fat free is better for you was a disservice to your hormones (and your waistline). Healthy fats are key factors in producing and maintaining proper hormone function.

4. Cuddle Up To Some Cabbage.


The brassica family of vegetables (i.e. broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower), contains DIM (Diindolylmethane), which aids in the metabolism of estrogen.  These veggies sweep out the excess estrogen in your body, which may be throwing your hormones out of whack. If you have thyroid issues  and are worried about consuming raw veggies, lightly steam or cook the veggies to release the goitrogens.

5. Balance Your Blood Sugar.

It’s no coincidence that this topic pops up in almost every credible health and weight loss plan. Balanced blood sugar is the foundation of any successful wellness plan and that includes hormone health. Volatile blood sugar levels wreak havoc on your body and result in fatigue and crankiness, which can lead to poor food choices. The result: a never-ending hamster wheel of poor food choices, hormone imbalances, weight gain and an overall feeling of yuckiness.

In “Woman Code”, by Alisa Vitti, she lays out a simple strategy to keep your blood sugar stable including;

  • A protein rich breakfast within 90 minutes of waking, such as eggs or a quality plant-based protein shake
  • Lunch within 3.5 hours of breakfast, including only one complex carbohydrate and one “good fat” food, such as avocado. (My go-to quickie meal is simply: steamed veggies, beans and an avocado.)
  • A nutrient rich snack within 2.5-3 hours of lunch, such as an apple with almond butter; veggies and hummus; or goji berries and almonds.
  • Dinner within 2.5-3 hours of your snack and 3.5-4 hours before bedtime.  Dinner should consist of veggies and protein, no sugar.

6. Go for the Big O!


Yep, orgasms are beneficial to your hormones. During the orgasmic build, the hormonal health benefits of oxytocin and nitric oxide occur.  Women who have sex at least once a week are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles.  Making love three times a week can make you look ten years younger!  There’s a reason I put this one last on the list.  Now, go tee off your neighbors with some hormone healthy screams! But, instead of the cliché post-orgasm cigarette, reach for an organic apple or make yourself a veggie and avocado omelette.

Want to learn more about your hormones?  Check out Dr. Sara Gottfried’s simple quiz.

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Amanda Wilson

Certified Holistic Health Coach at Amanda Wilson Wellness
Amanda Wilson transformed her life and is on a mission to help others do the same.At the age of 40, where so many women begin to see and feel their health diminishing, she reclaimed her health and found her best self. Because of her experiences with poor health, she became obsessed with good health and healing, ultimately becoming her passion.

Amanda now lives an abundant and healthy life with her handsome fireman fiance in Southern California. She enjoys anything outdoors, especially hiking, running, biking, and stair climbing.
Amanda Wilson
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