Healthy Chocolate-Chip Cookie-Dough Protein Ice Cream (Gluten-Free!)


Written by: Jenna Barrington

Ice cream is my weakness.

Seriously, I am obsessed. I crave a good milkshake like nothing else.

When I started becoming more conscious about my diet and realized that my body doesn’t respond well to milk, I had to start looking for milkshake alternatives that were not damaging to my body, but still tasted good.

I wasn’t sure if it was possible to completely satisfy my cravings without the milky, sugary joy that comes in a conventional milkshake.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Not only have I found delicious alternatives that keep me from missing anything dairy, but I’ve found alternatives that actually BENEFIT my body. The ingredients I use now leave me feeling pretty dang good about myself versus the usual heaviness (and sometimes guilt) that comes after downing an american-sized milkshake full of who knows what.

Delicious, Guilt-Free Ingredients

Almond milk and frozen bananas have definitely won the prize as the best non-dairy (and vegan) ice cream base.


Not only are bananas one of my favorite re-energizing carbs, but they are also beneficial for mood support, good sleep, boosting endurance and energy during a workout, heart health and balancing blood sugar levels.  


Almonds contain natural pain-relieving properties, lots of healthy fats, which provide fuel and promote healthy cholesterol levels, fiber, which may help with weight management and phosphorus and other minerals, which benefit your bones and teeth. Eating nuts regularly has also been shown to boost longevity and overall well being.  

Natural, Protein-Rich “Cookie Dough”

I recently discovered the recipe below and could not be more thrilled! I know you are going to love it too. I have modified it slightly from the original inspiration to make it fit my preferences and I can’t wait for you to try it.

Honestly, when made to perfection, I think this recipes BEATS real cookie dough ice cream in deliciousness (and nutritiousness)!

Get ready to have your socks blown off by this gluten-free (and easily made vegan) chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream recipe!

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Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chip Cookie-Dough Protein Ice Cream Recipe
  • Cookie Dough (makes 20 balls):
  • 30g raw cashews
  • ⅓ cup rolled gluten-free oats
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Organifi Complete Protein
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 2 tbsp pure maple syrup
  • ⅓ cup dates, pitted
  • 30g dark chocolate chunks
  • Ice Cream (makes 2 servings):
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 1 tbsp nut butter (almond, cashew or organic peanut)
  1. Combine cashews, oats and protein powder in a food processor and pulse until it looks like flour. Add maple syrup and almond milk and pulse until well mixed. Add in dates and pulse until it looks like paste.
  2. Fold in dark chocolate.
  3. Get your hands wet and roll dough into balls and place on parchment paper. Freeze for several hours.
  4. Combine all ice cream ingredients in a blender and blend to perfection. At this point you can either add the cookie dough balls and eat or you can freeze it for two hours to help it harden more. If you freeze it for TOO long it may become too hard to scoop.


You do NOT have to sacrifice your health in order to eat delicious food!

Gaining the best health of your life is all about learning NEW habits in the kitchen and restocking with ingredients that can promote longevity, vitality and freedom from illness and disease.

It may take some time and a little elbow grease, but the efforts you make to learn new shopping and cooking skills will pay off big time in the long run. Good healthy food really isn’t THAT hard to make once you figure out some new skills.

I know that because you’re here you’re already committed to bettering your health and improving the life of your family. I’m so proud of you. I’ve been where you are, on the road to health and wellness, working hard to learn the truth about food and how it effects everything you do.

I promise it is worth it.

Do you have any blow-your-mind ice cream recipes I should try next? Please comment below!  

Jenna Barrington
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Jenna Barrington

Jenna Barrington is studying Therapeutic Nutrition and Holistic Medicine and aspires to be a practitioner, teacher and writer. She is passionate about education and helping others take control of their health.

Jenna lives with her husband in Utah and loves writing, cooking, green smoothies, training her dog, Japanese, spending time at the ocean, bungee jumping, walking barefoot in the grass and being with her family.
Jenna Barrington
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