13 Incredibly Cleansing Effects That Happen When You Eat or Drink 1 Beet Per Day

Along with their blood cleansing properties, beets have a number of other amazing health benefits that can positively impact nearly every part of your body.


Discover the amazing blood cleansing power of beets that rids the body of many unwanted ailments.

13 Incredibly Cleansing Effects That Happen When You Eat Or Drink 1 Beet Per Day

beet, beets, health benefits

When it comes to root vegetables, beets definitely top the list.

They come from the same family as chard and spinach and have leaves that are rich in chlorophyll and other essential nutrients. The greens of beets in particular tend to have a higher nutritional value than the roots (don’t let their bitter taste fool you!).

The rock star phytochemical that gives beets their deep red/purple color is betacyanin, which can significantly reduce homocysteine levels.

As a team, both beetroot and beet greens are incredibly powerful cleansers and builders of the blood.

Nutritional Benefits

Beets are loaded with vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. When compared to their spinach family member, beet greens have a higher content of iron. They are also a great source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

While the actual beetroot has a lesser nutritional value compared to the greens, the roots still contain a good amount of choline, folate, iodine, manganese, sodium, potassium, fiber and cabohydrates.

When it comes to iron specifically, the iron from beets is of the highest and finest quality, contributing to the exceptional blood cleansing properties beets are known to have. Beets are able to help remedy many ailments that are caused by toxins from our environment and surroundings.

Health Benefits

Along with their blood cleansing properties, beets have a number of other amazing health benefits that can positively impact nearly every part of your body. And yet, they are a superfood that not many people consume, much less juice.

Check out what other benefits beets have to offer:

Acidosis: The alkalinity of beets can help aid with cases of acidosis.

Anemia: Anemia is when your body is severely lacking in iron. The iron content in beets can help restore your iron levels by regenerating and reactivating the red blood cells and supplying fresh oxygen to the body. The copper in beets also helps make the iron more available to your body.

Atherosclerosis: Beets, especially in juice form, can be a great solvent for inorganic calcium deposits that can cause arteries to harden and lead to atherosclerosis.

Blood Pressure: Along with cleansing the blood, the remedying power of beets can also help effectively normalize blood pressure, lowering high blood pressure levels or elevating low levels.

Cancer: Betaine, which is an amino acid found in beetroot, has proven to have significant cancer combative properties. Studies have shown beet juice can inhibit the formation of cancer-causing compounds and is protective against colon and stomach cancer.

Constipation: Due to the cellulose content in beets, drinking beet juice regularly can help ease bowel movements and help relieve constipation.

Dandruff: Mixing a little vinegar with some beet juice can make a great natural remedy for dandruff. Massage the mixture into your scalp with your fingertips and leave it on for about an hour, then rinse. Do this daily till dandruff clears up. Note: The smell likely won’t be pleasing.

Detoxification: Along with blood cleansing properties, beets can also help with the detoxification of your liver, along with the rest of your system, due to their choline content. This property can be especially effective in cases of alcohol abuse (assuming alcohol consumption is decreased).

Gastric Ulcer: To help in cases of gastric ulcers, you can mix some honey with beet juice and drink it two to three times a week on an empty stomach (more frequently if your body is familiar with beet juice).

Gall Bladder And Kidney Ailments: The cleansing properties of beets can aid in ailments that involve the gall bladder and kidneys, particularly when paired with carrot juice.

Gout: Another ailment that can be aided by the cleansing properties of beets.

Liver Or Bile: Toxicity or bile ailments such as jaundice, hepatitis, food poisoning, diarrhea and vomiting can be helped by the cleansing properties of beets. You can increase the effectiveness by mixing the beet juice with a squeeze of lime.

Varicose Veins: Similar to how beets can help with the elasticity of arteries, the regular consumption of beets can help in the prevention of varicose veins.

Consumption Tips

beet, beets, health benefits

  • When it comes to picking out beets for consumption, the beets with round bottoms tend to be sweeter than flat-bottomed beets.
  • As always, picking fresh beets is always best.
  • Be sure not to overheat beets, as this can lessen their nutritional value.
  • Remove the skin before cooking.
  • Pick beets that are firm, fresh and unwrinkled.
  • With the greens attached, beets can keep for only three to four days in the fridge as the root has to supply moisture to the leaves. Without the greens attached, beetroot can keep for a couple of weeks.
  • If making juice, put in about a quarter slice of a lemon (with peel) with a medium-sized beetroot to increase the nutrients absorption rate and to enhance the taste.


Individuals with a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones should limit their consumption of beets.

As beetroot juice is very potent, do not consume too much, especially if your body is not yet accustomed to it. For a beginner, start with the juice of half a medium-sized beetroot once a week, slowly increasing to one whole beetroot a week.

This delicious juice is so potent that it may cause some dizziness during cleansing as toxins are being eliminated. This process may cause some discomfort, but there is nothing to be alarmed about. During this time, drink plenty water also to flush out the toxic materials.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy beets? Share with us in the comments below!

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