Fitlife’s 2015 List of The 11 Most Influential People – Juicing and Smoothies

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There are so many amazing, influential people in the health industry and that includes my favorite topic – JUICING and SMOOTHIES! We wanted to bring you a list of some of our personal favorites were so you could head over to their sites and check out all the goodies they have available for you! While we try to do our best at to bring you as much information – and delicious recipes – as possible, you can never have enough mouth-watering, cell-fueling, nutrient-dense recipes for your juicing and smoothie bank! 🙂

In our opinion, the kitchen guru’s we’ve listed below are some of the best when looking for something new to try, in addition to providing a ton of valuable information to support your goals towards creating a healthy mind, body and spirit (seriously, juicing can help with all of that!).

Head over and give these peeps some love, friends!

Who are your favorite juicing and smoothie peeps to follow? Comment below and let us know!

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Here is Fitlife’s 2015 List of The 11 Most Influential People – Juicing and Smoothies

Juicing and Smoothies

Jay Kordich – The Father of Juicing


In 1948 at the age of 25, Jay was diagnosed with a serious illness and was told he may not have long to live. After reviewing all the treatments available, he left California and traveled to New York City to see Dr. Max Gerson who was treating terminally ill patients with fresh raw juices and healthy cleansing diets. Jay became his patient and immediately began a regimen of large doses of raw carrot/apple juice. It wasn’t long before Jay’s health was restored and the direction of his life was changed forever.

From a star athlete to surviving a life-threatening illness, all by the age of 26, Jay soon decided he wanted to spread the word of fresh juices and eating a healthy diet. For the next 40 years Jay took his message to anyone who would listen, from county fairs to large department stores to seaside juicing shops. It was his passion to teach everyone he could reach how to be healthy through the power of fresh juices.

Jason Vale – Juice Master


Jason Vale, aka ‘Juice Master’, is the best-selling author of eleven books on health, addiction and juicing.

Jason wasn’t always slim and healthy; he used to suffer from severe psoriasis, eczema, asthma, hay fever and obesity. He used to smoke 2 – 3 packets of cigarettes a day and drank very heavily, drinking up to 14 pints of lager a day. He has used juicing as the main tool to clear his skin, drop the weight and free himself of illness. He is now on a mission to ‘Juice The World’ and help people to turn their health around using natural means where possible.

Joe Cross – Reboot with Joe


Joe Cross is the founder and CEO of Reboot. His personal story of transformation was chronicled in the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, which has been seen by more than 20 million people worldwide.  The incredible response to screenings of the film inspired Joe to create Reboot with Joe, making the tools, information and support available to enable anyone to reclaim and maintain their well-being.

>>> Check out my interview with Joe Cross!

Sara Ding – Juicing For Health

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.19.21 PM

After years of dealing with chronic health problems, Sara decided it was time to take her health into her own hands. She began reading and experimenting, using herself as her own guinea pig. Her determination to find answers and feel better was the driving force to her amazing transformation.

Thru all the information she came across, she found that what she was actually suffering from was an accumulation of toxins in her body along with malnutrition. She found that juicing was the easiest and quickest way to get the nutrients her body needed to heal and thrive. So her journey to heal her body from the inside out began. As a health coach, she is now committed to teaching others how they, too, can live an abundant life of health.

Tracee Sloan – Juice Recipes For Your Health

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.16.21 PM

What started as an experiment to include as many nutrients from whole fruits and veggies into her daily diet – simply to feel her best – has turned into a juicing revolution! Tracee and her team had read about how great people felt when they began juicing – how their energy soared, their mental clarity improved and for those seeking weight loss, this finally became possible. The Juicing Recipes team was so amazed at the benefits juicing provided that they decided to make it their mission to bring recipes and awareness to the world.

Nice work, Tracee and team! Juice on!

Health Ambition

Health Ambition was created by a group of guys who were sick of all of the contradictory advice on the internet. They wanted a place to go to find information, but that provided an array of knowledge on the topic at hand. They give their writers free reign to dig in and find everything they can, while their readers can take what they want from it and apply it to their lives as they see fit.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram – FullyRaw


Kristina is the founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the U.S. and has been 100% raw for over nine years. She is a leading visionary in the raw movement, especially in Houston, TX.

Kristina’s inspiration for being FullyRaw came after she was able to rid herself of Hyperglycemia at the age of 18 eating nothing but a low fat raw vegan diet consisting solely of fresh fruits and vegetables with few nuts and seeds. After being a direct understudy of 20+ year raw fooder John Rose, she interned and worked under Dr. Graham at his health events in Seattle and in Costa Rica. She has lived in the Dominican Republic and in Costa Rica and she has become an avidly enthusiastic runner who runs at least 6-8 miles a day!

This raw-foodie is an inspiration who truly walks her talk! We love following her and think you will too! 🙂

Simple Green Smoothies


As new mom’s juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, the creators of Simple Green Smoothies realized that as their families grew, their days got shorter and more chaotic, their meals became quicker and less healthy and their energy was suffering. They wanted a solution to keep their body’s healthy, energized and running at their peak and found that dedicating some time to making a nutritious smoothie each day did just that! The more they drank green smoothies, the more their body’s craved real food – fruits and veggies in particular.

There was no way they could keep this information to themselves and so, Simple Green Smoothies was born, inspiring tons of people to get on the green train and learn how to enjoy real food again, sip by sip!

Robyn – Green Smoothie Girl


The oldest of 8 children, Robyn was raised on whole plant foods because they were inexpensive! In her 20’s she deviated from the diet she’d been so accustomed to and began eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) – she gained 15 pounds and was sick all Winter.

Through 20 years of marriage and parenting 4 children of her own, her weight continued to climb, reaching over 200 pounds at one point. Her oldest sons ill health led her to question the role that diet played in overall health and she sought answers to help him feel better.

“Very valuable is the resourcefulness of having a “box of tools” and network of help, to achieve health without helpless dependence on “modern medicine,” huge expense, frightening side effects, and powerlessness.”

She’s since dropped the weight and now teaches people the power of incorporating small steps – like including a green smoothie each day – to regain their health and happiness.

>>> Check out this video that we did with Robyn a few years ago!

Tracy Russell – Incredible Smoothies


Growing up, Tracy was unaware of healthy foods. She grew up on a SAD (Standard American Diet) and by the time she was in her 20’s her health was suffering. She’d tried diets, but nothing stuck and ultimately, she’d gain all the weight right back.

It was after an indulgent honeymoon that she decided it was time to take back her health. She began drinking green smoothies, finding it was the easiest way to get in her fruits and veggies each day.

After losing the weight (and keeping it off!), increasing her energy and and lowering her cholesterol along with decreasing her cravings for junk, she was hooked!!!!!!!!

She now uses her knowledge to inspire others towards living a healthier lifestyle, with a focus on healthy food, exercise and green smoothies!

Deliciously Ella

meAfter being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and bed-ridden 95% of the time, Ella sought out holistic health therapies in hopes of masking more than just the symptoms (which the medication didn’t do very well anyway) and healing her body from within.

She is self-taught, compiling recipes on her blog which she created through trial and error. Through the process of focusing on real foods, she’s been able to get off medication, regain her energy and health and now shares what she’s learned with others using delicious whole food recipes, including nutritious smoothies and juices!

Total rockstar!


Drew Canole

Drew Canole

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Drew Canole is a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset, with a huge heart for others and doing his part to transform the world, one person at a time.

As the founder and CEO of Fitlife.TV, he is committed to sharing educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity. He is also a best selling author and the founder of Organifi, an organic, incredibly delicious greens powder, chock-full of superfoods to make juicing easy no matter your busy schedule.
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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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