Fight Cancer And Soothe Post-Chemotherapy Symptoms With This Super Food And Tonic

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Fight Cancer And Soothe Post-Chemotherapy

Symptoms With This Super Food And Tonic

Written by: Drew Canole

Does the thought of bending down and chomping on a mouthful of grass seem a little strange to you? Most grass is actually quite safe to eat and contains all the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids one needs to survive! Some of the most powerful animals on the planet live off a diet of mainly grass. Although our digestive systems aren’t quite as tough as an elephants or a cows, through juicing and blending grasses we can access a plethora of benefits. Read on to find out one of our very favorites!  

Wheat Grass

What’s inside:

Chlorophyll, magnesium,  vitamins A, B, C E, K, 8 essential amino acids, protein, iron

In the early 1900’s, a young Hungarian philologist/linguist claims to have found and translated an ancient biblical manuscript that teaches about the laws of health. He later converted this manuscript into mini books, one of which states “all grasses are good for man, and wheatgrass is the perfect food for man”.

In the 1940’s, Ann Wigmore reportedly cured herself of cancer by using grasses and weeds she found in Boson. She then began to study natural healing and holistic medicine, eventually opening an institute in Puerto Rico where she is still teaching about grasses and healing from illness. By the 1970’s, thanks to Ann and several other scientists, wheatgrass became popular in the U.S. as a superfood and tonic.

Health Benefits:

New Picture (1) superfood, soothe, juicingWheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll;  a green-pigment molecule that gives plants power to absorb energy from the sun. It is the foundation for photosynthesis and also called the first product of light. Studies have shown that chlorophyll may help to control hunger cravings, body odor, relieve swelling and redness from infections, promote cleansing and healing in the body, and even protect DNA against fried foods.

In a study done by the United States Army, Guinea pigs who ate chlorophyll-rich diets were exposed to lethal doses of radiation. These guinea pigs experienced half the mortality rate than those guinea pigs who were given a non-chlorophyll rich diet .

The chlorophyll in wheatgrass may also help those with anemia or other blood-related disorders. Animal studies have shown that administration of wheatgrass returns red cell count back to normal in animals with anemia within 4-5 days.   

Antibacterial and antioxidant properties: At the University of Pune in India, researchers evaluated wheatgrass and found that it has extremely high levels of antioxidants when compared to other vegetables. Another study in India showed that wheatgrass plays a beneficial role in bettering hyperlipidemia (don’t worry I had to look that one up too… it basically means an excess of lipids in the blood, or high cholesterol).

New Picture (2) superfood, soothe, juicingA few other studies I found show that wheatgrass may: decrease symptoms of ulcerative colitis, aid with symptoms from post-chemotherapy and be a potential alternative supplement for leukemia patients.

How to eat them:

The most popular way to eat wheatgrass is to juice it. If your body is mostly acidic (the result of eating too much acidic food) it is said wheatgrass will taste bitter. Otherwise it can actually be pretty good! I’ve even thrown full wheat grass stems into my smoothies.

Wheatgrass is also an ingredient in our very own green superfood powder, Organifi Green Juice.

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Drew Canole

Drew Canole

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Drew Canole


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