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Fibromyalgia-Pain-3It’s estimated that 5-10 million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, and the majority of them are women. Fibromyalgia is the existence of chronic fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, and other unexplainable pains in the body. Oftentimes, these symptoms lead to others, like migraines, depression and chronic fatigue. The effects of this disease often illicit diagnosis very similar to osteoarthritis, tendinitis and bursitis. If you experience problems like the one listed above, always consult your physician.

While there is a blood test some doctors use to determine if a patient has this disease, not much is known on the treatment and possible cure for fibromyalgia. Most treatments resort to treating the symptoms. There are only a few medications FDA approved to treat this illness. 1 is used as a general pain reliever for several different disorders. The other two might fall under the category of “anti-depression” medication.  Always consult your doctor for a professional opinion.

Similar to migraine headaches, and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia is sometimes shrugged off and not taken seriously by friends, family, and even some physicians. If you read around on some blogs and forums however, it seems many people are experiencing debilitating pain and discomfort, to the point of needing to quit jobs and drop out of school.  

Some experts have noticed that many additional health conditions are affecting fibromyalgia patients. These are gluten intolerance, gout, and restless leg syndrome. This leads some to believe that removing the following foods from our diets could help relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia:

fotolia_4100586_XS1. Sugar

2. Gluten

3. MSG

4. Caffeine

5. Dairy

And in terms of easing pain and discomfort, I always recommend Nature’s pain relief foods:

indian-spices1. Turmeric

2. Sage

3. Ginger

4. Cayenne

5. Cloves

Here is how to prepare our specially created Fibromyalgia Healing Soup Recipe just for you:

Fibromyalgia Healing Soup Recipe
Recipe type: Soup
  • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 knuckle Ginger
  • 1 knuckle Turmeric
  • 4 cups sodium free veggie broth
  • 2 stalks of scallions
  1. Prepare all the ingredients.
  2. Preheat the pan to medium heat.
  3. Add some powdered ginger and turmeric together with the coconut oil.
  4. Add the veggie broth letting it boil.
  5. Reduce the heat, and add turmeric root into it.
  6. Add the sliced scallions.
  7. Transfer to a clean container.
  8. Enjoy!

2436ea2If you’ve been reading my blogs and watching my videos, by now I’m sure you’ve seen and heard some powerful testimonials from others in the community. Sure, plenty of our testimonials are about weight loss, because they make eye catching photos, and so many people request help in this area. My favorite stories however, the ones that move me the most, are about those overcoming disease and chronic pain. Let me tell you my friend, there’s no greater feeling than waking up to an email from someone suddenly relieved of a disease through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I’m no doctor, and I always strongly suggest that everyone consult their physician with health concerns. Many times when modern medicine can’t find a solution, people turn to nutrition, diet, and lifestyle hacks, with great results, and I’m so happy to play even the tiniest role in helping YOU heal yourself.

If you enjoyed this information and today’s recipe, please share it with someone who might need to hear it. If you’re looking for more delicious recipes full of healing dinners, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, please check out our Give Your Body 30 program.  Also, don’t forget that our 90 Day Transformation Challenge is underway. Please leave a comment below about your experience with fibromyalgia or fighting pain with dietary and lifestyle changes.

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Image Source: The DC Spotlight, Healthy Eating, Healing The Body, Linkedin, Reboot with Joe

Disclaimer: The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed here are intended to be used for educational purposes only. The author, Drew Canole, and the associated are not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. It is imperative that before beginning any nutrition or exercise program you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician. Drew Canole and claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material presented here.

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The soup looks awesome...I can't wait to try. 2 questions: 1) I have a nutribullet RX, can I blend it in that--and maybe get more "micro" nutrition out of it? 2) I've also been learning about all of the various benefits of bone broth, and what do you think about substituting that for the veggie broth? I was thinking it should UP the benefits?


Thank you for this great video. I'm not really sure if I suffer with Fibromyalgia but what I do know is that I have been visiting with my rheumatologist because some of my levels have been off and they did diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease. I was really excited to see the confirmation of the Tamarack and the other spices that were used for the soup. With it being fall and the weather cooling down this is the perfect time for broth and soups and so this just was really greatly I'm appreciated and very on time for my life. My doctor just actually start of me taking a bunch of vitamins and she has me taking Magnesium, Malik acid, Tumeric, Zinc, and some others. I hate swallowing a bunch of pills as does my husband. He has suffered his 3rd heart attack. This is not how we want to live. We have since changed our eating habits, joined the gym and started smoothies. There has been change but we are still held to the prescriptions for high blood pressure, heart disease as well as the aches and pains. I'm ready to try juicing but have no idea where to start or what juicer we need.


We have got tons of great info on how to start juicing (& recipes) on our blog here!!!

Here is an article on starting to juice:


I've had fibromyalgia for 25 years. I am going to make the soup. I also have systemic Lupus for the same period of time. I have to go through chemo every couple of years because I cannot take steroids, which is what they usually use to treat Lupus. Do you know anything natural wise to help Lupus. I'm very interested but am on disability because of it and can' t afford much. But I'm willing to try other things. Send me more recipes? Sincerely, Sharon Condon


I love your video and all the facts that you guve. Its such a great learning experience!! I looove everything about the program and blog! I have fibromyalgia and have been looking for things to help! The reason i acfually started following Drew is because i have a 3 year old son who has severe autism who cannot speak or do alot things on his own. And i truely believe that i can cure his autism with nature... Using all of your guys help with healthy eating and juicing recipes will help us so much in curing my son! So thank you. I appreciate every video!!


Thank you so much for this article and recipie! I have Fibro and it takes me an hour to get out of bed and moving but I am able to push thru the day fine. My heart goes out to those who cannot do this and are homebound! My lightbulb moment when reading this article was noticing that I do feel better when I have less bread in my diet, and of course sugar. I can't wait to try this soup, add the spices to my diet, and share your article and tips on Facebook. Thanks again!


Please additionele me tö your mail list


I like Hippocrates soup. Now I will try Drew's soup. Thank you and I hope to win the juicer!


This is awesome for someone who has had fibromyalgia since 2010 told I have had it even longer than when I was diagnosed with it


Thank you set living with fibromyalgia is difficult . Have had it for many years


Hi, I watched this weeks video for my friend, Brenda, who's struggled with Fibromyalgia for many years. I believe she'll want to make the recipe so I'm sending the link to her. Thank you so much for all you do each day to further the understanding that we can take control of our own health... we just need to know what we can do. Thanks again!

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