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“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you already are.”

– Rumi

All of us are searching for something in life.  We all have a deep need for something that may seem just out of reach. It might be something different from person to person, but everyone is searching for something. What is it that YOU are looking for?

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Is it happiness, health, money, wisdom, confidence, friendships? Or something else?

Today I want to talk to you about where you can find everything you need. People will go around the world and back again without realizing that what they want is actually already quite close to them.

Do you want to know where to look?

First let me tell you a story.

The Story Of Buried Treasure

There were once two men who were very good friends ever since they were teenagers. Even as they grew older and started their own careers and lives, they would meet every so often and talk about many things. They loved each other very much.

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One of the men got married and had a son. Even as he got busy with his family responsibilities he would meet with his old friend often and they would sit under a tree and have a good time talking with each other. Sometimes he would talk to his friend about more things than even his own wife.

One day he told his friend about how his family had left him a great sum of money. He hadn’t told his wife about it because he said she was greedy and would spend it all on jewelry and worldly things and would spoil his son. So, instead of telling her, he buried it under the house in a box.

He told his friend that if anything ever happens to him he wanted his friend to know about the money so he could use in judgement in how to use it to help his wife and son.

Eventually, life took the friends apart. The single started traveling abroad for work and would be gone for years at a time. For a while he would write his friend but then one day, his friend stopped writing back.

Two years later he returned from abroad and was in his friends hometown. As he was walking around he saw his friend’s wife and son in the streets begging for food. He approached her and asked, “What are you doing? Why are you begging for food? What has happened?”

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She told him that her husband had died over a year ago and that they had no money and had to beg for food.

The friend was astonished and realized that she still didn’t know about the money under the house. So he told the woman he had good news and rushed her back to her house where they began digging to find the money.   

The money was, indeed, buried under her own house. The wife was so happy she began singing and praising her deceased husband for leaving them such a fortune.

She realized that she had become a beggar even though what she needed was with her all along.   

We get what we focus on. The wife was focused on the world giving everything to her. She believed that everything she wanted so desperately was something she had to go to someone else to find. 

When really all she had to do was just go within and dig deep.

Her story may not be as foreign as you think. How often do you:

  • Go to others for approval and validation?
  • Feel you can’t make a decision on your own and seek advice from many others?
  • Feel distraught if someone says ill of you?
  • Take online personality tests to try and discover more about who you are?
  • Lie about how you feel in order to avoid confrontation or conflict?
  • Tell people only what they want to hear so that they’ll like you more?

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We are all guilty of these things at some point in our lives. As human beings it is only natural to want validation from our peers, to desire their approval and to feel accepted in their circles. But there is a deeper sense of confidence that we must dig deep to find if we want to become powerful and unshakable in who we truly are.

So how do we find the treasure that is buried under our own house?

How do we open up our own soul to find and unleash our true, unlimited potential?

Tune In To Your Intuition

Albert Einstein said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Our brain is a valuable tool. But I want you to see that there is something much deeper and more infinite inside of you that can guide and direct  you. It is called your intuition, your higher self, your inner knowing, and some may even call it God.

Often we will begin to feel a void in our lives if we are forgetting the seventh chakra; our spirituality. Whether it is praying on a daily basis, meditating, reading scriptures, seeking divine inspiration, spending quiet time in nature or going to a shamen, we all need to focus on our spiritual side if we want to thrive and feel balance.  

Sometimes we mistakenly think that being around more people or making ourselves busy will fill the void that we feel. However, the void can’t be filled completely without help from things of a spiritual nature. We need to remember our connection to the infinite.

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Once you reopen your “spiritual channel” and begin listening to your intuition and inner guide, the void will disappear. Just as your physical body needs nourishment so does your spirit.

When you learn to fill this void on your own, you will be able to find answers to the other questions you carry in your soul.

There is so much in this world that manages to crowd out your inner voice, to the point you even begin to oppose it yourself. We spend a lot of time worrying, in self-critique mode, feeling judgements from those around us and internalizing their negative messages and we may even second guess our decisions and our own value.

You need to learn to let that go and TRUST. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust your inner voice.

You know the answers are inside of you. You just have to let yourself BELIEVE it.

Dig deep. Stop looking to the world to give you whatever it is you’re looking for. The answers are already inside you.

Always remember, we’re in this together!

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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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