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Written by: Brandon Epstein

You know what’s really hard?

Believing you can have something that has never before existed in your world, whether that something be the body of your dreams, monetary income, a specific type of relationship or a consistently happy life.

If you have never experienced a certain desired outcome personally, it’s hard to believe that it could ever be a part of your reality. The harsh truth is that this thing you desire will probably never be a part of your reality until you start embodying the traits that will create it.

The good news is that embodying these traits takes nothing more than rediscovering the TRUE YOU.

The true you embodies all the traits that are in alignment with helping you produce what you desire most.

To rediscover this true you, you must first go through a process of reverse engineering what it is you truly desire. This is a process I do in my own life for everything I desire and is also a process I do with all of my weight loss clients.

If you’re up for a little fun, let’s give this process a try together.

Step 1: Identify what it is that you have been struggling to create in your life.

Again, this could be weight you have been struggling to lose, a healthy relationship you have been struggling to cultivate, or anything else you have been struggling to bring into your reality.

Now that you have identified what it is you want, I want you to utilize one of the most powerful tools you have.

Your imagination.

Happy-PersonI want you to imagine how you would act if you had this result you desire.

How would you interact with people? How would they interact with you? What kind of confidence would you have? What would your mood be like? What would become easier in your life?

Close your eyes and imagine walking around your neighborhood as if this result was already real for you. Feel the emotions, see the world through your new perspective, experience it fully. Embody it on every level.

Now come back into this reality and take that same energy you just cultivated and embody it as you read this article. How would your breathing change? Would you be smiling? Are there any impulses that have emerged for you?

Watch yourself in 3rd person as if you have this result you’ve desired for so long and see how your mannerisms have changed.

Can you see that? Can you feel that? Maybe for the first time ever you are beginning to personify on an energetic level what the experience is like to have this result you want to create.

I want you to do what Drew has talked about in past articles and begin to train these neural pathways.

Call To Action: You will do so by setting an alarm in your phone every couple hours that sends you a little message that reminds you to embody this new energy.

Step 2: Ask yourself what actions and traits this new version of yourself embodies.

Now that you are embodying this true you and you know you are on your way to creating the result you desire, the next step is asking yourself what actions and traits does this new version of yourself embody?

If you have created your dream body for example, then you most likely are the kind of person who is incredibly disciplined. You are someone who puts a lot of emphasis on sticking to your daily habits and rituals. You have become the kind of person who is no longer tempted by instant gratification and instead you are much more interested in the long term results you desire.

happy-exercising-waterI want to make this real for whatever goal you have set for yourself and that starts with getting super clear on who you are and what the specific habits are that you participate in.

Let’s start by writing down 10 statements that affirm the true you as it relates to the outcome you desire.

Here are some examples of how you can frame these affirmations:

“I am the kind of person who ________”

“I am _______”

“Every day I do _______ no matter the circumstance”

Call To Action: Write out 10 of these statements that align with the true you.

Step 3: Write down the daily habits you are going to have to participate in to be congruent with this identity of yours.

Here are some examples for someone who wants to create their dream body:

“I workout daily.”

“I eat for fuel instead of emotion.”

“I drink a green juice daily.”

“I drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily.”

Call To Action: Write out your daily habits and schedule them into your calendar immediately.

Once you have written down these habits, you have a game plan on how you can guarantee the result you desire.

This, my friend, is how you reverse engineer your success and discover the true you.

A quick recap:

  • Step 1: Embody the energy of the outcome you desire.
  • Step 2: Embody the traits you will need take on to create the outcome you desire.
  • Step 3: Identify the habits you will need to participate in every day and start implementing them into your life starting now.


If you can follow this framework, you will discover how you can take something from your imagination to reality.

When this happens, you are able to step into the true you and start living life aligned with your highest purpose.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. And feel free to comment about any of your experiences below!

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Brandon Epstein

Brandon Epstein

Fat Loss Coach at ZenDudeFitness.com
Brandon Epstein is a former college football player, turned professional fitness model and serial entrepreneur. These days he spends his time helping people look great and feel awesome over at ZenDudeFitness.com. He can also be found hosting the Zen Dude Fitness Podcast where he’s always looking for new ways to make fat loss fun, simple and efficient for everybody.
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