How To Treat Burns Naturally, Effectively And QUICKLY
  1. Gently wash the burned area with cool running water.
  2. Use a clean spoon to scoop out a few drops of both honey and coconut oil.
  3. Mix the 2 ingredients in a bowl as needed and apply to burned area.
  4. Apply a thin coat that completely covers the burn and surrounding area.
  5. Note: I drizzled the ingredients directly on my burn and mixed together with a clean finger and it worked fine. If your burn is extremely sensitive, consider mixing the ingredients first so that you don’t further irritate the area during application.
  6. Allow the mixture to dry in the open air (I didn’t use any bandages, but cleaned and reapplied the mixture every few hours)
  7. Re-apply the mixture as needed, keeping the burn clean for quick healing.
Use a 50/50 ratio and make as needed to treat the area
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