Easy 10-minute Routine To Jump Start Your Day


By Mark Williams

A recent story from CNN suggests that sitting too much can kill you, even if you exercise regularly.

With so many people stuck at a desk all day, “mobility” workouts have some pretty incredible health benefits, not limited to decreased pain, improved posture, increased strength and power, flexibility and increased range of motion – and they can quickly start to counteract the effects of sitting for too long.

Increase your mobility and feel loose, athletic and injury-free with this quick 10 minute warmup routine, courtesy of the mobility app, MoveWell. Part of the routine is to massage certain muscles, so it’s best if you have a foam roller or a hard ball, like a lacrosse or softball.

The Routine:

1. Jumping Jacks (30 Seconds)

Start with your hands at your sides and your feet a shoulder width apart. Bring them above your head and at the same time jump and move your feet to a wider stance. Jump again and return your feet to their original stance and put your hands back at your sides. Repeat for the duration of the movement.

2. Squat Thrust (45 Seconds)

From a standing position, squat down and touch your hands to the ground. Kick your feet back until your body is in the pushup position. Return your feet to your hands and stand up again. Repeat.

3. Walking Lunges (45 Seconds)

From a standing position, take one step forward and drop the back knee to the ground. On your front leg, be careful not to let your knee come out over your toe. Return to the starting position and repeat with your other leg.

4. Calf Smash (1 Minute Per Leg)

Sitting on your butt, put the foam roller underneath your calf. Elevate your hips and knead the roller into the fibers of your calf muscle from the back of your knee to your lower calf. Continue for the duration of the movement.

5. Quadricep Smash (1 Minute Per Leg)

Lay on your stomach and place the foam roller underneath your quad. Roll the foam roller and knead it into the tissue of your muscle from your knee to your hip. Continue for the duration of the movement.

6. Couch Stretch (1 Minute Per Leg)

Kneel down in front of a wall. Place one knee where the wall meets the floor and point that foot straight up. Bring the opposite knee into a 90 degree position and lean into the stretch. Hold for the duration of the movement.

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Mark Williams

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