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(Doug Allan) Here I was, having traveled what felt like a quarter of the way around the world… dropping $1K on airfare, $1k on hotel, & over $1K on the conference…

And what i realized during the best speakers talk, was that once again… like I had been thinking during several other talks…

Drew taught me that…
Drew told me about that…
Drew planted that seed for me to discover when I am ready…

Over & over again I was impressed that my friend Drew had worked with me for no more than an hour a week, over 12 weeks… & imparted almost all of the same highlight points I was getting again from a dozen other speakers!

…and I marveled at the memory that here was this ultra fit guy, who I initially thought was probably pretty much of a gym-rat body builder guy with the window dressing of a life coach so he would fit more neatly into the awesomeness fest personal growth “theme” …and yet he really does have the life coaching skills down so completely that he effortlessly shares these nuggets of wisdom that may take root instantly at times… or may sit there for a year or more until someone reads there notes, plays back their phone transcripts… or in some cases pays somebody else to tell them the same thing all over again!

So, just to be clear, I LOVED awesomeness fest 2012, and feel like I MORE than got my moneys worth… have no regrets… and hope to attend again… but I couldn’t avoid noticing how much I was hearing that mirrored many of the lessons I first learned from you… so I wrote “CALL DREW” in the middle of taking notes on the best talk of the week… because i owed it to you to tell you how much I recognize you as having been an exceptional coach for me, on numerous levels above simply losing weight or juicing!

Here are the 5 Paramount Things I’ve Taken Away From Your Coaching…

1.) Confidence in various interpersonal connections, based on a subconscious but dramatic increase in feeling good about my appearance!

2.) Vastly increased belief in my own power to change areas of myself, based more on “intention” than on “force”

3.) A healthy relationship with food, (both in my healthier food choices, as well as the healthier motivation behind those choices) will undoubtedly have far reaching consequences with regard to health and wellness, even beyond the improved health I already recognize in the present.

4.) My energy levels are higher with regard to my ability to get through the day, drawing on energy reserves for mental acuity, and physical stamina, as well as the “higher vibrational” energy that I feel operating as a form of antenna, sending & receiving energy to connect me to others & to “source” in better alignment with my highest calling

5.) The 5th benefit I would like to add is that my virtual coaching experience with Drew touched on numerous areas for personal growth, far beyond fitness, juicing & weight loss…the greatest of these areas was not conquered, but only just revealed…

…but to accept that my life’s passion… the thing I was PUT ON THE PLANET to do… to accept that this is OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE TO DISCOVER, is obviously a significant realization to anyone who already gets that… & now I am among those that gets how important it is!!

Of course, based on my writing above, I don’t have clarity on what it is yet, but i know enough now, to know that I should seek that clarity, as being among the MOST CRITICAL AREAS FOR MY CONTINUED UNFOLDMENT!

To be continued….

Thoughts From Drew:

Doug Awesome Allan: Well done. 🙂 

When I first started working with Doug I knew his transformation was going to be remarkable. There is one thing that separates him from 99% of the rest of the world.

He takes massive action. 

Most people sit around and wait for their lives to get better. With him, I would give him certain tips and ideas to start split testing in his own life, to see if it would work for him. During our next call… a week or two later, I would find out that he not only implemented those ideas but exceeded them. For example: during the Alpha reset protocol we mention Moringa leaf. Doug went out and found his own supply of it on the island of Hawaii and started to use that with his juice and smoothies. He grew his own. Talk about being in control of your own destiny!

I enjoyed working with Doug in particular because he recognizes transformation is more then just changing your body. It’s changing the very essence of who you are. In short it’s becoming more. Being a stand for something greater then yourself. Finding yourself lost in the service of others and leading them to transform their own lives. (period)

Doug is a remarkable person and will do phenomenal things in this life experience ..Just remember who you are Doug Allan and continue to let that light shine!

Remember, we’re in this together,

– Drew Canole

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