Do You Want to Increase Your Lifespan?


By Brandon Epstein

How would you like to tack an extra 6-7 years on your life?

We have written some awesome articles in the past about activities you can do to increase life expectancy, but today I want to share with you the one activity that so often gets overlooked.

You only need to participate in this activity a few times a week and – in addition to living longer – your confidence and happiness may increase.

This activity is not some top secret, never-before-discovered, cutting edge technology.

Instead, it’s an activity that you may already be participating in.

I just want to challenge you to engage in this activity in a new way that can help you live longer and with a higher quality of life.

This activity is exercise, but not just any type of exercise…  

It’s known as resistance training.

Why Resistance (Strength) Training?


Because your muscular system is the only system in your body you can both train intentionally and track as you make progress.

In addition, do you know what magic occurs when you train your muscular system?

The other body systems follow the lead of your muscular system and start performing better as well.

Okay, so it’s not magic. It’s science, but pretty cool, right?

When your muscular system is put under increased stress, all your other body systems are forced to raise their level of performance to make sure your body can thrive under the new conditions.

This in turn forces your entire body to start performing at a higher level. The domino effect of training your muscles can be seen everywhere. Take your circulatory system for example; to get enough oxygenated blood to your muscles, it needs to work in double time to keep up.

Isn’t it amazing to realize that you can gain control over all your body systems by simply training your muscles?

In fact, studies have shown that when you do this sort of exercise training, you can increase your life-span by a minimum of 6-7 years.

Live Longer, Increase Your Confidence, Feel Better – Where Do You Begin?

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Start by doing bodyweight exercise and then move your way up to using free weights.

Push ups, planks, air squats, lunges and even some of the more rigorous forms of yoga are a perfect place to start for body weight.

Once you have gained some initial strength, you can find your way into a gym and start using free weights to apply some additional resistance to your training regimen.

You don’t need to become a professional bodybuilder or anything, but I do suggest that you lift like a bodybuilder. Why? Because bodybuilders use very slow repetitions that decrease the risk of injury and maximize muscle recruitment. I would highly recommend practicing a cadence of 4 seconds during the relaxing part of the exercise and 2 seconds during the contracting part of the exercise.

An example would be 4 seconds on your way down in a squat and 2 seconds on the way back up. Slow and steady with great form is the name of the game.

Don’t worry about getting too big. That is pretty impossible unless you start making training your life. Trust me, I train my butt off and you would never look at me and say I am too big. I’m just your average fit guy.

So, knowing that you are never going to get too big, the goal is to always challenge your body to get stronger each and every time you go to the gym.

When you do this you are going to be reversing the aging process.

That, my friend, is always the name of the game. To get you living a longer and more enjoyable life!

Any questions? Feel free to comment below!

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Brandon Epstein

Brandon Epstein

Fat Loss Coach at
Brandon Epstein is a former college football player, turned professional fitness model and serial entrepreneur. These days he spends his time helping people look great and feel awesome over at He can also be found hosting the Zen Dude Fitness Podcast where he’s always looking for new ways to make fat loss fun, simple and efficient for everybody.
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