Do YOU Have These Energy Boosting Habits?



Written by: Lindsay Sibson

There is no doubt about it… life requires energy – and LOTS of it!

However, the ins and outs of your hectic day can often leave you feeling drained and completely exhausted.

Instead of reaching for a chemical-laden energy drink for that extra boost, try out one of these all natural habits that will effectively give you an extra pep in your step.

5 Energy Boosting Habits

#1. Putting Oil And Butter In Your Coffee
  • Replaces unhealthy substitutes (such as refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and creamer) with healthy fats
  • Promotes weight loss by leaving you satisfied and less likely to snack or overindulge
  • Makes you mentally more focused throughout the day by supplying your brain with the fuel it needs to function optimally
  • HOW To Make Oil And Butter Coffee (AKA Bulletproof Coffee):
    • Brew 2 cups single source organic coffee
    • In a blender, add 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter (such as Kerrygold) and 2 tablespoons unrefined coconut oil (or MCT oil)
      • Blend for 20 seconds until  a frothy foam top appears
      • Pour into a mug and enjoy!
      • Add a few drops of organic liquid stevia to sweeten if preferred
#2. Bouncing Around
  • Practice rebounding: watch Drew Canole rebounding HERE
    • An example of a rebounding exercise is quickly bouncing around, up and down
    • Increases your endorphin levels
    • Low-impact way to safely burn calories
    • Improves your posture
    • Great for cardiovascular health
  • Spend at least 10 minutes every morning REBOUNDING
    • Increases mental clarity
    • Activates your body’s lymphatic system to remove toxins
  • While bouncing, create your intentions for the day by visualizing what you want to accomplish and saying powerful “I AM…”  statements
    • Creates a positive energy that will fuel you for the day
#3. Guzzling Water
#4. Taking A Nap
  • The U.S.A. is the land of the “RISE AND GRIND.” However, I am currently in Italy where it’s the land of enjoy life and have a siesta after lunch.
  • When you are feeling exhausted, it is nearly impossible to focus and be productive. The solution? Take a NAP
    • Get the most benefits of an afternoon snooze by following these guidelines:
Nap Length Benefits
10-20 minutes
  • Boosts your energy and alertness
  • A light stage of sleep – wake up easily feeling refreshed
30 minutes
  • Causes grogginess (hangover feelings)
  • Grogginess can last up to 30 minutes AFTER you nap (and then you may feel the benefits of the nap)
1 hour
  • May cause grogginess
  • Beneficial for improving your memory, which allows you to remember and recall things easier
1.5 hours
  • A full sleep cycle
  • Improves creativity
  • Easier to wake up without feeling groggy
  • Improves procedural and emotional memory
#5. Deep Breathing
  • Obviously you are breathing right… NOW. However, most people take shallow breathes
  • Pay attention to your breathing and take slow, deep and long inhales that fill your lungs

These 5 habits are easy, quick and natural ways that you can practice daily to increase your energy and feel your best!

Do you have an effective enlivening habit that could help others BOOST their energy? Please SHARE with us in the comments below!


Lindsay Sibson

Lindsay Sibson

Lindsay Sibson turned her lifelong dream of traveling the world into a reality when she first stepped on a plan in April of 2014. With the simple intention of learning more about this beautiful world, she stepped away from corporate America to explore an alternative lifestyle of long term international travel, volunteering, blogging and pursuing a blissfully happy and fulfilling way of life.

Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life. Connect with her on her website and follow her travels on Instagram (

Through her blog, Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life.
Lindsay Sibson

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