Discovering Your Inner Child – Mindset Monday

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Discovering Your Inner Child – Mindset Monday

“Be yourself and allow your inner child to shine… then watch the universe bring to you those who will love you and the song within you.” – Chris T Atkinson

Today, we’re going to talk about your inner child.

Your inner child is that little person you use to be when you were young, innocent and free.

It is that piece of you that just wants to dance when the music comes on… that little one inside you that wants to forget adult responsibility and just lie in the sun and feel the grass underneath your skin.

You know that voice that tells you to explore, travel and venture into the unknown?

That part of you that wants to live life by the flow instead of by the rules?

inner child, thoughts, friend

That’s your inner child speaking to you. Trying to get your attention.

As we grow up, a lot of us start to ignore that voice. We bury it under our busy-ness and even forget that it is there. But your inner child is always with you.  

When we are connected and conscious of our inner child we live life in a way that is more genuine, loving and true to who we really are.

It’s important to deal with your inner child with love and compassion.

As my good friend, Sean Stephenson likes to say, “When you take good care of your inner child, life works so much better!”

Here are three things to remember when you are focusing on your inner child:

#1 Control Your Thinking

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” – Kushandwizdom

inner child, thoughts, friend

Your thoughts are an underestimated force in determining who you become and the type of life you live.

Your inner child is sensitive to the kind of voice you use in your mind. What is the sound of your inner dialogue? Do you think thoughts that encourage, uplift and empower? Or do your thoughts tend to pull down, discourage and harm?

If you want your inner child to thrive, speak to it as you would a child. Don’t bash its dreams. Don’t say things that will put them down. Don’t be a bully!

If you think in a way that empowers and builds, I can guarantee your entire world will begin to change.

#2 Love Your Inner Child

“Don’t forget to love her. The little girl you used to be. Perhaps she lies within you. Untucked. Sleeping peacefully.” – Kana Lianos

inner child, thoughts, friend

Have fun with that playful, imaginative unconscious mind. The five year old that lives inside of you deserves all the love you can muster.  

If you’re calling yourself stupid, fat, ugly or saying that no one wants to be friends with you, your inner child is going to shrink. Your inner child will feel scolded and bad.

Love your inner child as you would a dear friend.  You are your dearest friend, after all. Treat yourself as such.

#3 Everything Is A Vibration

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration…” – Nikola Tesla

inner child, thoughts, friend

Everything in your life is a vibration. The thoughts you think, the food you eat, even the air you breath. The energy you emit will either pull you to a higher vibration or bring you down.

Your inner child is incredibly sensitive to the energy around you. If you hang around people who are cruel, disrespectful and unkind, your inner child is going to put up all kinds of walls until your heart will stop being open to those around you.

If you think thoughts that are a low vibration, this will pull down your inner child and make you sick.

So, what kind of vibrations are you emitting? What kinds of energy are you surrounding yourself with?

inner child, thoughts, friend

Do you hang out with people that you want to be like?

What about your stress levels? Are you managing your stress? Remembering to spend time out in the fresh air and sunlight?

A good way to bring your vibration up is by asking yourself this question: If a child were here, what would they be doing?

Nourish your inner child. Spend time every day looking into the mirror and into your own eyes until you can see that inner child staring back. Honor that little one that will always be inside of you.

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