Why Diet Soda Will Turn You Tubby….

I was thinking about some of the old habits I used to have years ago when I was fatter, lazier and unhealthier (the average American really), and I remember one of those habits was downing several cans of soda pop each day. The stuff was like crack in a can. Mt. Dew, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Dr. Pepper and my personal favorite “Cherry Coke.” WOW!

Nothing like downing a Cherry Coke after a long night of partying and stuffing my face with Pizza.

Why not… right? I was young…. it was never going to catch up to me. After a couple years of this, I started to notice a little muffin top popping out..I would work out every day… but you can’t out train a crappy diet.

So, you know what I did?   I quickly switched to another dietary devil, diet pop and RED BALLS (I’m from Michigan, I say POP deal with it.) 😉

And man was I hooked…It was better then anything I had ever tasted. Heaven in a can if you must. It literally gave me wings… In fact it reminds me of this video.

Chappelles Show
Tyrone Biggums’ Red Balls Energy Drink
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Now, of course this video is an extreme example of behavior modification induced by a diet pop or Red Balls.

But, you get it.

Stuff is addictive like crack. All of my favorite sodas were available in diet varieties and I thought since I cut out all of the sugar and extra calories in regular soda, by drinking diet pop, I could have a couple diet pops each day and be much better off.

Well, I did start to lose fat after making the switch, due to the drop in calories and sugar each day.  But I really became addicted to the artificial sweeteners in this stuff. After a few months, I was having a diet pop with every meal and snack. When I went out to eat, I’d drink all the refills I probably downed about 120-350 ounces each day, and guess what?

I started gaining fat again. 

I then began investigating the artificial sweeteners and some of the longer term studies that had been done.  Well, some of the results I read about regarding what happens to these things after they enter your body literally scared me to drop diet soda drinking immediately. Without question I was done and done.

On top of that a recent 8 year study showed that those who drink even 2 cans each day of this stuff are 57% more likely to become overweight.

Why the weight gain from something with 0 calories?

The exact reasons aren’t conclusive at this point, though one of the primary concerns is the false sense of security that the habit of diet soda drinking can give.  In other words, you’ll tend to get extra loose with your diet because you feel you’re making up for it with the diet pop.

Another problem is that when anything other than water hits your stomach, you get an up tick in the hunger response…so if you grab a diet soda instead of water, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to eat something with it.

Plus, it has little if any nutritional value at all. Your body will only run as good as the nutrients you put in it. 

Bottom line, diet pop is another one of these ‘diet products’ that are loaded with bad chemicals your body doesn’t want or need.  In most cases, these just foster a yo yo method of dieting…trying to lose fat through short term solutions that usually just magnify the problem.


The secret to attaining life time health and fitness starts with the right mind set…when you’re in the right frame of mind, ridding your life of nasty habits like diet soda becomes a natural consequence of the way you choose to eat…and live.


Having a right mindset starts with the food you put into your body. It’s amazing to me, how much more at peace I’ve become after cutting out stimulants completely. (I’m not saying you need to go there with me.) I just think as a society we need to be more aware of what we are consuming and how it effects our internal world. I believe our internal world creates the external and the more “in tune” we become inside the more magic starts to happen on the outside.

Are you addicted to anything unhealthy?  What are YOU doing about it?

Let’s hear about it…

Leave a comment below, with what you are addicted to.

In my next post, I’ll show you how to break addiction. This is one of the easiest ways I’ve  found.

It deals a lot with “replacing” the bad with good. Once I started to implement the Juice with Drew System, I no longer craved anything artificial.

You can literally reset your taste buds in 5 days.

We’re in this together,


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