Daily Prompts to Help You Become Present Minded


By Erinne Magee

Time. It’s all we have, yet we don’t often spend it in a way that is satisfactory. At the end of the day, do we turn out the light and think to ourselves, “I had all the time I needed today, accomplishing everything I wanted to.”

Probably not.

In fact, for many, it’s probably quite the opposite.  As a society that lives in rush-mode, piling our plates high with various tasks, it’s easy to say that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

But let me tell you this: there are plenty.

Up until recently, I played the “busy” card far too often. “How’s it going?” “Oh, good. Busy.” “What’s new?” “Not much, just busy.” For me, “busy” was a cover-up. It was easier than saying, “I don’t make time for the things that are important to me.”

Certainly as a single parent working full-time, I had several responsibilities that filled my days, but I found myself using this as an excuse to slack off on my writing, for example. Ultimately, I was telling myself it was okay that I wasn’t pursuing my passion. Following your dreams can be scary with so many unknowns. “Busy” put a safety net between myself and fear.

So, how did I bridge the gap between myself and that fear?


I knew I had to let go of the false-positive persona I was living. I stopped using the word “busy.” I stopped rushing. Slowing down naturally helps you live more presently and when you live more presently, your senses are open and receptive. This really helped me see what was lacking from my day-to-day routine.

Along with the list below, I reminded myself: “There is enough time in the day for me to accomplish all my goals.” The key here is to start small. Make each daily goal something you know you can easily make time for and complete. Make each goal open-ended and up for your own interpretation. That way, each day you can mold it to fit your schedule.

Before you know it, you’ll be doing the opposite: molding your schedule around the things you are most passionate about. Here are my examples:

1. Today, I will write: A quick note to my Mom and drop it in the mail (or a meal prep list, a chapter of your novel, an entry in your gratitude journal, etc.).

2. Today, I will clean/organize: My refrigerator (or the pages upon pages of artwork brought home by my daughter each day, the bathroom mirror, my closet, my car, my thoughts on paper).

3. Today, with my daughter (or your special person), I will: Make up a silly story (or explore a new trail, I’ll put my phone out of sight, make breakfast for dinner).

4. Today, I will call: My grandmother to say hello (or get more info on a class I’m interested in taking, a store manager and let them know about superb customer service I received).

5. Today, my body and I will: Dance around the living room for 30 minutes (or avoid sugar, wake up early to meditate).

6. Today, I will contribute to my health by: Drinking more water (or taking time to breathe mindfully throughout the day, eating plant-based meals, going to bed an hour early).

7. Today I will help: The planet by going plastic free (or my neighbor rearrange her living room, by donating a bag of clothes to a local thrift store, my daughter learn to spell three new words).

8. Today, I will follow up with: A potential client (or research I did yesterday, an appointment I was interested in making, summer plans, a voicemail about a play date).

9. Today, I will finish: Folding the laundry (or reading my book, planting my garden, sewing that dress).

10. Today I will be sure: To tell my friend Holly how much she means to me (or my parents, or sister, or older brother).

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Erinne Magee

Erinne Magee

Erinne Magee spent the majority of her twenties wandering the globe, learning about different cultures and ways-of-life. Travel and motherhood led her to believe that compassion and a positive mindset lay the foundation for fulfillment. Now Erinne’s passion is inspiring others through writing. She enjoys connecting the mind and body through yoga, meditation and exploration. She can also be found wearing a tutu and drinking green juice with her daughter.
Erinne Magee

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