Creating a Nighttime Ritual – Saturday Strategy


Are you waking up in the mornings feeling groggy and grumpy? Are you dragging through your morning because you didn’t sleep well and don’t feel rested?

No one wants to wake up feeling like that!

Here’s the thing… you’re most likely groggy in the morning because of something that happens many hours before… your NIGHTTIME ROUTINE.

Don’t have a nightly routine or ritual? Well, maybe that’s your problem! Not having a healthy way to wind-down and reset may be the cause of your slow mornings – and may even be a culprit behind how much you accomplish (or don’t) during the day.

Why Create A Nighttime Ritual?

A nighttime ritual or routine is a string of predictable activities you do every single night before you go to sleep.

A nightly ritual:

  • Helps to nourish and bring rest to your mind and body
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Supports and enhances mindfulness

All of the things you are working so hard to achieve!

So today, I am going to share with you an incredible nightly ritual to end your day with. Perfect to embrace the self love and self care that you always hear me talking about.

You get to do this for YOU and in doing so, you are also allowing yourself to really show up for the people around you too!

When you are first learning to implement this habit, set an alarm to begin your nighttime ritual so that you don’t forget. Once you have your routine nailed down, you can keep the alarm if you like the reminder or turn it off.

6-Step Nighttime Routine

#1 Turn off all screens an hour before bed

Embrace a peaceful evening by turning off all screens and enjoying some quiet time. Power DOWN your computer and TV, and set your phone on airplane mode. No more calls or answering texts.

If you REALLY need to use a screen after dark, be sure to put the screen in blue-light blocking mode.

#2 Take a warm bath, hot shower OR wash your face and hands/arms with warm water.

Studies on hydrotherapy have found that the warmth and pressure of water reduces swelling in the body and promotes relaxation.

If you choose a bath, add some epsom salts, essential oils, etc. Epsom salts are full of absorbable magnesium, a mineral that 75% of americans are deficient in. What does magnesium do for you? Calms nerves and anxiety, helps with digestion, relieves muscle aches and spasms, helps prevent migraines and is also helps regulate the levels of other important minerals in your body.

#3 Rub your entire body down with shea butter lotion. Put on a silk or cozy robe.

Grab some shea butter lotion and add a few drops of your favorite nighttime essential oil. Slowly massage it onto your entire body.

A 2010 study found that due to its cinnamic acid and other natural properties, shea butter is considered to be anti-inflammatory. How cool is that?!

#4 Light a candle, or dim all the lights.

Create a dim, relaxing environment to wind down. This is a great cue for your body to start unwinding for the night. And lighting a candle could be a fun nightly tradition to start! Great replacement for those screens you’ve been staring at all day.

#5 Read or listen to a book while sipping hot tea.

Studies have found many benefits to turning off the TV at night and instead grabbing a good book. Reading increases connectivity in parts of the brain responsible for language receptivity. Studies have also found that it only took participants SIX MINUTES of reading for their heart rates and muscle tension to subside!  Overall reading reduces stress by 68%!

So grab your current book or turn it on audio. I like to listen to audiobooks because I can relax my eyes while I listen.

Relaxing tea recipe below!

#6 Journal your intentions and daily wins.

Acknowledge any breakdowns and instead of dwelling on this, see them as the catalyst to creating the breakthroughs you are working on in your life.  

Sleep Like A Baby Tea Recipe

Sip this delicious tea recipe while you read to help calm your nervous system and digestive system. Plus, it’s really just a delicious way to finish your night!

Mint is a great tea to drink at night because it is caffeine free. It is also very soothing to the digestive system so that you aren’t bothered at night with gas, bloating, heartburn or indigestion.  

Organifi contains the super herb, ashwagandha, which reduces cortisol levels in the body and helps bring you to a peaceful, balanced state.

Lime juice is tasty and also contains important minerals like potassium which help your body relax.



  1. Make mint tea according to directions.
  2. Slowly stir in organifi.
  3. Add lime juice and honey.
  4. Sip.

Creating daily – and nightly – routines is a simple yet effective way to increase our efficiency, stay balanced, focused and happy.

Research has actually shown that, throughout history, the most successful people in their fields almost all had some sort of daily routines!

Your nighttime routine can be different from this one, just make it something that really helps you unwind and relax after a long day.

Once you get in the habit of going through your routine every night, your body will start to recognize the steps as a sign that it is time to relax and rest.

What steps do you have in your night ritual? Share below to give us all more ideas!

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Drew Canole

Drew Canole

CEO at
Drew Canole is a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset, with a huge heart for others and doing his part to transform the world, one person at a time.

As the founder and CEO of Fitlife.TV, he is committed to sharing educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity. He is also a best selling author and the founder of Organifi, an organic, incredibly delicious greens powder, chock-full of superfoods to make juicing easy no matter your busy schedule.
Drew Canole


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Hi Drew, I drive a truck all night and have the hardest time creating a ritual or pattern for sleeping. I will get off work anywhere from 6:30 to 9:30 am, and have to start work at 7:30 pm. Any suggestions?


I don't do any of the things you do and I can't sleep without tv on maria almeida


I have my husband fascia blast my back and I can feel all the tension leave.


Love your videos..I get your emails and I am going to try the nightly ritual. Maybe I can drink the Organify mixed in something..otherwise I just don't like the taste of it!


My "taste" as well.


What if you don't need to lose weight? Can Organify still benefit you?


Thanks this is a great video. I used to have a nightly routine and got away from it, I am looking forward to starting up again.

Elizabeth Martinez

Take a little walk or do some stretches/exercise before shower.


I have read that tumerick is good to have before bed as it helps with sleep. I make a latte with almond milk, coconut oil, black pepper, touch of vanilla extract and honey. Is this a good choice? Also, what is the most benefical way to take tumerick? Powder form, extract or fresh? If fresh how can it be used?


Thank you for such a great video about relieving stress through ritual, self-care, AKA self love!
As my first Yoga teacher always stressed self massage, yin yoga and relaxing breath before bed.
Its so good to see this on the internet, where all can access these benefits!


I take my shower every night and use my Fascia Blaster & do a whole body head to toe lightly lasting to get the blood once a week I take a Epson salt and soak for 20 minutes and then do a deeper more intense body last whole body head to toe lightly lasting to get the blood once a week I take a Epson salt and soak for 20 minutes and then do a deeper more intense body blast .it's so relaxing and relieves my pain.




God bless you Drew for all your help and encouragement in living a more healthy life. I'm a short time I have already benefitted from your show and articles. If only I could afford a juicer!!! Saving for one. 😊


Hi Drew,
I love love Organifi green juice. It gives me energy through the day. It's quick and easy. I am big on aroma therapy and natural products. Lavender is part of my nightime ritual. I spray it on my pillow and use a lavender hand cream. I'm surrounded by it and go right into dreamland.


Hi Drew,
I am big on aroma therapy and natural products. My nighttime ritual is lavender. I spray it on my pillow and use a lavender hand cream. It puts me right into dream land. P. S. I love organifi green juice. It tastes great and really gives me energy for my day. I'm a night owl so moving in the morning is not fun for me. Organifi truly helps.


Besides always brushing an flossing for great health at night, take a few seconds b4 bed to meditate! To help calm the mind an to help get back on track to set yourself up for a great new day, an kiss your kids/partner! Always does the body good!!


I also say my prayers before bed


So, night time, so look forward to my "ritual". I have to have a bit of a snack with my tea. The snack is light, greek yoguert with a bit of organic applesause, and a splash of cinnamon! Yum. Make my tea(chamomile/lavender) put on my favorite cozy PJ's, heat up my bean bag to put on my tummy and off to bed! Salt lamp is always on. Eat my treat, while playing a bit of solitaire. Drink tea, slide down under covers, nighty, night


I like to buy cranberry juice from unconcentrate. I mix 7 cups of water to one cup of the juice . A bit of stevia and warm it a bit. Soothing.


I mix turmeric half a teaspoon a half a cup of coconut milk a teaspoon of honey a little bit of Cayanne pepper a little dash of cinnamon I heated up and sometimes I might add a little bit more honey and then that's what I drink at night it helps me relax and helps me sleep I love it and thank you for the tip Drew I'm gonna try it .and it really helps my muscles because lately my muscles ache everywhere really bad I guess because I'm getting older I don't know I don't like it at all but this does really help me.


I meditate each morning.


Just watching this video relaxes me. It's a wonderful routine and I'll certainly make it my nightly routine. Thank you Drew.


Being a single Mom of a special needs child means you can't get away from stress! Routines really do help. I don't have the luxury of bath time at night but I do have epsom salts cream to rub on, I drink my favorite cinnamon/skullcap tea and take a calcium magnesium supplement..if I'm still feeling anxious I take 200mg of L-Theanine: )


Always take off makeup (& days grime) with an oil & put on a moisturizer with a drop of natural "e-oil' 😌!
Thanks for reminder to apply body moisturizer😊!


I know I'm too late for your bottle of Organifi.....but the new thing I added is actually, 3 servings of Organifi per day, and the last is a whole serving in the evening before I go to bed. 🙂


I wouldn't call this a ritual but it's what I do with the time allowed.
I get home from work at 8pm have dinner, go over my day with my wife and kids, go through email,
get ready for bed by 9:30pm read something inspirational and do a sudoku puzzle before I fall asleep.
I wake up at 3;45am to start my day and out the door at 5am. something's gotta change.


My bedtime routine consists of taking a shower, finding the softest PJs I have, brushing with my DIY toothpaste (coconut oil, baking soda, and an essential oil), taking my p.m. meds, and grabbing my niteguard. Then it's lights out for me


Night meditation


I have not been consistent with my nightly ritual. When I feel I really need it, I take a bath with epsom salts, baking soda and lavender oil. Turn the heat up in the bathroom and use this as my homemade sauna. 20-30 minutes is all I need. Then I rub my entire body with coconut oil, put on fresh pajamas and go to bed. Now I will try adding the tea to relax me and read a few pages of my many books. Thanks for the tip.

Margaret Storelee

My nightly ritual is taking all my medication to help me sleep and control my chronic back pain. I broke my back and have had for fusions over the years. I'm always in pain. When your in pain it's hard to want to do anything that takes extra time or energy. I need a live in person like you to help me feel less blue. Sincerely Margaret Storelee


wow love love this,im going to do this take time for tea & read more an light a candle or a bath.. I needed to see this I have had chronic pain for so long with over 20 sergeries, scar adhesions wrap around the bowl so many time colonoscopy bag to a stroke during my 3 neck surgery. i cant wait to see how this stuff makes me fill after many many year of pain meds im hoping this make me feel good an to do a relaxtion at night has to help..thanks for the encouragemant and all that you do for the public great info.heres to 2017!!!!! we bought Organifi 3 weeks ago so cant wait to see if it help!!

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