Compassion Will Set You Free: Practicing Non-Judgement – Mindset Monday


Compassion Will Set You Free: Practicing Non-Judgement – Mindset Monday

“I speak to everyone the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” – Albert Einstein

My grandad taught me to treat everyone the same… whether they’re a plumber or the president of the United States.

I want to tell you a story that really resonates with me. It can be so hard to have compassion when you’re in a situation you don’t understand and your first instinct is to JUDGE – whether it’s the situation or a person.

It took me a long time to recognize the difference and choose compassion. Because like you, I’m human. And sometimes, others actions don’t make sense to me.

compassion, judge, love

I still struggle at times, but it’s much easier to lean into love now instead of getting angry or placing judgement. The truth is, we often know nothing about the situation and what the other person may be going through. And this is the perfect time to accept things and people as they are and choose compassion first.

A Chinese Parable

There is an ancient Chinese parable about an old man who knew he would die soon. He wanted to know what Heaven and hell were like. He visited a wise man in his village to ask, “Can you tell me what Heaven and hell are like?”.

The wise man led him down a strange path, deep into the countryside. Finally, they came upon a large house with many rooms and went inside. Inside they found lots of people and many enormous tables with an incredible array of food.

compassion, judge, love

Then the old man noticed a strange thing, the people, all thin and hungry were holding chopsticks 12 feet long. They tried to feed themselves, but of course could not get the food to their mouths with such long chopsticks. The old man then said to the wise man, “Now I know what hell looks like, will you please show me what Heaven looks like?”

The wise man led him down the same path a little further until they came upon another large house similar to the first. They went inside and saw many people well fed and happy, they too had chopsticks 12 feet long. This puzzled the old man and he asked, “I see all of these people have 12 feet chopsticks too, yet they are well fed and happy, please explain this to me.”

The wise man replied, “in Heaven, we feed each other.”

Becoming A Person Of Compassion

compassion, judge, love

Becoming an enlightened person is freakin’ difficult sometimes.

We drink green juice… we meditate… we count our blessings… we pray…

Then some crazy angry person comes barreling our way and throws us completely off our groove.

It might be our mother-in-law. Our best friend. An obnoxious neighbor. That slow lady at the grocery store.

People disappoint us. Friends betray us. Our parents aren’t always the people we need them to be.

compassion. judge, love

How do we come to a space of love when the people around us keep dragging us down?

All the great spiritual leaders in the history of the world… Buddha, Jesus, the Dalai Lama, Ghandi, Mother Teresa….

They all taught the same truth: love your neighbor.

They even went to far as to say love your enemies.

Do we really have to love the person who cuts us off in traffic? Or butts us in line? Or says something hurtful?

It’s about compassion. Empathy.

We must stop looking at other people through a glass of comparison.

We must start seeing them as an extension of ourselves.

compassion, judge, love

With love.

Here are 3 tips to help you live in a state of love more easily:

  • Hugs are my drugs.

Hugs increase oxytocin and put you in a love state.

  • Seeing their fear as baggage as that state.

The fear is not them, love is their true identity and love will set them free this your duty.

  • Take a moment to make eye contact.

When you take a second to look someone in the eye, you can’t treat them as less than human.

Remember, we’re in this together.

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