Clutter’s Evil Plan To Ruin Your Life

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Written by: Emilyn Gil

Clutter’s Evil Plan To Ruin Your Life

Make a list, in your head or on a pad of paper. Think of 3 things you’d like to accomplish in the next 10 years. Maybe you’d like to buy a house. Graduate college. Travel to France. Do a triathalon. Think big! Dig deep. They may seem unrealistic, but be honest with yourself. What are 3 dreams of yours, 3 things you would absolutely love to do if given the chance?

Now that you have your 3 in mind, here is the secret to reaching them.


Maybe you’re thinking, well sure, but my house is always organized. I don’t have clutter.

Well, contrary to popular belief, there is more than one type of clutter.

We’re all familiar with physical clutter. That pile of mail you keep moving from the counter to the table and back to the counter again. That box of old clothes in your closet with “donate” written in sharpie on the side. The garage shelves that filled and overflowed onto the floor so long ago you can’t even remember the last time you fit your car in there.

But there are 4 other, lesser-known types of clutter.

There’s digital clutter, for example, those 85 unread emails or files on your desktop named “Document1,” “Document2,” up to “Document 32.”

There’s mental clutter. Things you heard on the news, conversations you replay in your head.

There’s emotional clutter, such as guilt from past actions, or fear of future choices.

And there’s spiritual clutter. Forgiveness that you’re withholding from someone, or a lack of peace or clarity.

Regardless of the clutter type, they are all keeping you from living your life the way you want to and ultimately, keeping you from your dreams.


All clutter really is is postponed decisions. I don’t want to clean this up now, so I’m going to leave it here for later. I can’t deal with this difficult information, so I’m not going to think about it or process it. I have important things to do, I don’t have time to let myself feel sad right now.

Even champion procrastinators know that postponing something DOESN’T ACTUALLY GET RID OF IT. It’s always there, hanging out in the background like a fly, constantly buzzing by your ear or occasionally landing on your shoulder for you to shoo away.

Clutter makes it difficult to navigate your life, because there’s always something in the way, holding you back from something you want to do or feel, or distracting you from living an important moment to its fullest.

There are even studies that show how clutter can affect your eating habits, give you added stress, deteriorate mental capacity and hygiene and make it harder to interpret events and people.

So then, what’s the solution?

The secret to decluttering your life is to MAKE A DECISION. Decide to take one hour of your day to clean out the closet. Choose to talk to a friend about your argument last week. Conquer your fear of giving presentations by attending a public speaking seminar.

CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING and STICK TO IT. Change comes from action. And as you actively work to declutter your life, you’ll see the quality of your life improve. You’ll find an improved ability to think clearly. You’ll find the motivation you need to move forward.  

And best of all, you’ll find yourself free of distractions and standing on the path that leads you directly to your dreams.

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Juicing, hydration, toxin

Emilyn Gil

Emilyn Gil

Emilyn Gil is a 22 year old English Major at UVU. She started writing at age 6, and since then has won several awards including the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key and was featured in the Kolob Canyon Review in Cedar City. Aside from the written word, her other passions include performing in the occasional musical theater production, and playing piano, guitar, and ukulele. Some of her favorite pastimes are baking, napping, and spending time with family. She likes monkeys, homemade rolls, and the color yellow. She has traveled to Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada, and currently resides in Orem, Utah with her husband Jorge. You can find more of her work online at or on Instagram at @emilyncan.
Emilyn Gil

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