Clean Your Liver And Lose Belly Fat

Clean your liver!

One of the great things about the body is its ability to tell you when something isn’t right. Take your liver, for example.

Some of the more common signs that your liver has been damaged include fatigue, poor appetite, jaundice or discolored urine. It isn’t likely that the damage was caused by your diet (at least not your meal-eating habits), but rather is the result of drinking alcohol excessively, or taking harmful prescription medications.

But even though your diet didn’t cause the problem, it can go a long way toward fixing it.

How do you clean your liver?

By introducing certain vitamins and nutrients to your diet, you can not only remedy damage that’s been done to your liver, but you can also prevent liver damage from happening in the first place. The average Western diet isn’t typically rich in these substances, but by making a point to include them in yours, you can improve the function of your liver and stave off damage from occurring.

Vitamin E

One of the first steps to securing better liver health is to increase your intake of Vitamin E. Foods that pack the greatest Vitamin E punch are green leafy vegetables, eggs, various seeds and nuts, and wholegrain foods. You can also find Vitamin E in vegetable oils, but only when the oil isn’t heated.

One other important note regarding Vitamin E: many people use supplements to boost their Vitamin E intake. Be cautious not to overdo it, because too much Vitamin E can be as damaging as a Vitamin E deficiency.

Cruciferous vegetables

Many vegetables are naturally cleansing to your liver. Unfortunately, they simply aren’t common in many Americans’ diets. Cabbage, bok choy, horseradish, collard greens, turnips,, watercress and wasabi all help the liver cleanse itself. You could even get into juicing greens.

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Vitamin C

Everybody knows that oranges are chock full of Vitamin C, and for that reason they’re great to maintain the health of your liver. Actually, vegetables like broccoli, red peppers and parsley have even higher levels of Vitamin C, so try to find ways to work them into your diet as well. 

“Liver Life”

Straight from the pages of “Juice Up Your Life,” Liver Life is a delicious concoction that provides the cleansing nutrients that your liver needs to stay functioning properly. As most juice recipes in “Juice Up Your Life,” it’s a simple but effective recipe that should become a staple in your diet. All you need are three apples, a half of a beet, and a juicer. Wash the apples, remove the stems, place all three in a juicer with the half-beet, and enjoy.

Also, check out this video on How To Detox Your Liver 

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5 thoughts on “Clean Your Liver And Lose Belly Fat

  1. waiting to win a juicer Drew! i know that i can promote through my life style change& juicing for life! my body needs to get healthy asap! i’m trying to avoid a colonoscopy &endoscopic procedure! i hope i can win this juicer because i can’t afford one! blessings be for all you do!

  2. I am new to this juicing thing! Although I have tried it in the past I wasn’t motivated, but different story now! I am ready and I thank you Drew for giving me great recipes to try. By staying on top of the blogs and reading others success stories and comments (as well as looking forward to feeling better) I am on it!!

  3. I haven’t started the juicing plan yet but I have been making notes on what veg/fruit
    goes well together.Can you tell me what the UK equivalent is for Collard Greens.I think I have sussed out that Cilantro is coriander and escarole must be in the lettuce
    category.. Oh and do you peel all the veg. I spent all Saturday looking at various juicers, but the ones I saw were either too cheap and looked as though one juice and they would break or out of my price range at the moment. If I use a blender I would have to strain the juice from the pulp.

  4. Hi, I have finally been able to order my Hurom juicer and am eagerly awaiting its arrival next week so I can start juicing. However, I have one problem: I am allergic to cucumber! These very juicy members of the plant family give me the sensation of red-hot bbq skewers being poked about in my abdomen – not very nice and I avoid cucumbers like the plague. What I want to know is if there is anything at all that might replace it in juices? I live in the UK, so I might either not be familiar with the name of a vegetable or some might not be available to me. And if I have to use water instead of cucumber, then I will, but I’d prefer to use a veggie replacement because that will give more nutrients… Thank you!

  5. Drew good video I have candida and juicing has been helping me reach my goals and live better. I am still battling my weight loss goals and the fungus in under my toe nails and my extreme sweating problem but juicing has been helping to manage it thanks for the info

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