Celebrations & Libations: How to Choose Wisely and Stay On Track

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Celebrations & Libations: How to Choose Wisely and Stay On Track

We all seem to be focused on our health these days; what to eat, where is came from, the newest exercise craze… We work hard!

But what happens if we want to play hard once in a while as well?

While I am not condoning consuming large amounts of alcohol, it’s become apparent in my time as a Nutritionist, that people are curious as to how to enjoy the social aspect of alcohol, without sacrificing their commitment to staying on the right track towards optimal health.

The good news is that there are several ways. First off, if you eat well 80% of the time, you can most likely do a little off-roading without too much damage. The good ol’ 80/20 rule. Planning ahead with a few strategies will help too!

Here are some tips to help you navigate through the New Years Eve parties and any other celebrations during the year.

The Beverages

celebrations, mindset, healthWINE.

Lean towards low sugar options. Wine can vary from one to another. On average, white wine has 1 gram of sugar per glass, or 5 grams per bottle. Red wine clocks in with 1.5 grams per glass and 7.5 grams of sugar per bottle. Choosing a dry wine will increase the chance of lower sugar content. In fact, beware, as some of the sweeter versions, which can exceed 34 grams of sugar per bottle, or more!

For our local Southern California folks, a new option, Bon Affair, is available at select Whole Foods and Albertson’s. With the tagline, “All the bubbly. None of the regret.”, it holds a lot of promise! The California Sauvignon Blanc boasts added electrolytes. Using purified carbonated water, grape seed extract, and all natural ingredients, I’m feeling less guilty already! No added sugar and half the calories of regular wine (just 62 cal. per 5 oz.), this wine has 6.5 ABV, which is more than beer, but less than regular wine. Expect a crisp taste, more like champagne.

celebrations, mindset, healthBEER.

While beer does not contain sugar, it does have a lot of carbs and carbs spike blood sugar levels, causing that “crash”, which nobody likes. If you’re craving an ice cold beer, a light version is a better choice. Beer also contains gluten, so if you are avoiding gluten, that means you’re also avoiding beer.

celebrations, mindset, healthDISTILLED LIQUOR.

Sugar is involved in the process of making alcohol, but after the distillation, the sugar has all but dissolved. The “clearer” the alcohol, the better, as the rule of thumb suggests. Vodka and gin are clear; Tequila, rum and whiskey are still low sugar choices. The problems are actually in the mixers. Mixers are typically high in sugar and take what would otherwise be a good choice and turn it into a glycemic nightmare. Liqueurs are mega high in sugar as well, since the sugar is added after the distillation process. As an example, Kahlua contains 33 grams of sugar per 30ml.

Tips to Know Before You Go:

  1. If you know you’re going to be drinking, be sure to hydrate well during the day.
  2. Have food in your stomach before you drink. A well-balanced snack or meal, consisting of a protein, complex carbohydrate and some healthy fat, will help stabilize blood sugar levels, stave off cravings and keep you satiated longer.
  3. Plan how many drinks you will consume ahead of time. Consider alternating a full glass of water between your cocktails. A vodka cranberry cocktail can be reworked into a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry and some fresh limes.
  4. While this may seem counterintuitive, adding a splash of alcohol to a fresh, cold-pressed juice can create a surprisingly nutrient dense and refreshing twist. With the popularity of juices in full swing, your choices are endless. If you’re feeling really ambitious, take some fresh frozen fruit, coconut milk and your liquor of choice and blend in a high-speed blender at home. Garnish with fresh herbs.
  5. Not feeling your best the following day? Try to get moving. A brisk walk or some light exercise to build up a sweat will help you detox. Drinking extra fluids can also enhance flushing out your system.
  6. Enjoy your 20% (occasional indulgences), but be sure to get back on the healthy 80% track asap! Consume plenty of phytonutrients by including leafy green vegetables, quality protein and healthy fats.

unnamed57Written By: Anne Masri
Anne Masri is a board certified nutritionist and the founder of The Art and Science of Extraordinary Health. In addition to nutritional counseling, Anne combines the science of nutrition with the art of cooking to create unique and elegant menus that disguise nutrient-dense superfoods as gourmet cuisine. Whether catering for a crowd or developing personalized nutritional strategies, Anne believes in using food as medicine. She practices out of Southern California at the Naturopathic Health Center of San Diego.

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Juicing, hydration, toxin

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