Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Written by Angie Lamothe

Massage has many benefits. More and more people understand these key benefits and are including it into their daily and monthly lifestyle regimen. Most people think of massage as a luxury instead of a necessity and are losing out on the ways massage can really help their bodies function better.

Three key benefits of massage

  1. Improves blood flow to increase circulation
  2. Helps to alleviate stress
  3. Helps promote relaxation

Increasing circulation helps to rid toxins from the bloodstream and lymphatic systems, helps break down build up of tissue (trigger points), adhesions, scar tissue (also known as kheloid scars), to name just a few things.

Most of my clients that have never had a massage and finally experience it are hooked on the relaxation state they are in, and start to understand that massage benefits them overall and they start to commit to themselves that they are important.

Clients always ask, “How often should I get a massage?” My answer is always, “at least once a month!”

A lot of people think massage is expensive, but let me ask you, “Do you put a price on your health?” Most massages cost $60-&75.00 for an hour. Think about this for a minute. Don’t you deserve to treat yourself to relax for an HOUR once a month?

People also seem to have a hold-up scheduling one hour for relaxation. Can you find a HOUR once a month to distress and promote health and well being? Can you commit one HOUR a month to yourself?

If you have never experienced a massage I suggest you do so, it is life changing. Touch is a true healer, and massage therapists have these gifts to help you to heal.

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Angie Lamothe, LMT, LNT

I have been a Massage Therapist since 1999, graduating from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, and a nail technician since 2005 graduating from Kay Harvey. I enjoy helping people in the wellness industry. Due to extended education, I have a wide variety of personal knowledge and massage techniques.  I am committed to consistent excellence, learning, and positivity. Most of all I am passionate about what I do, and creative in my work. Being a great communicator ensures that my clients feel very comfortable. I hope to make a difference in your life!



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