Apricot Kernels – A Cancer-Fighting Superfood?

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By Drew Canole

Nuts and seeds have been an important energy source throughout history. They are extremely nutrient-dense and their fat content comes mostly from heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Do you want to lower your risk of heart disease and cancer? Curb cravings and addictions? Boost your energy? Add tasty and healthy ingredients to your recipes?

If so, then it’s time to get serious about nuts and seeds!

Apricot Kernels

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What’s inside:

Iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B17

The apricot kernel is the soft inside of the apricot seed. They began being used for their medicinal properties in Armenia and are also native to Asia. Their most well known ingredient is amygdalin (vitamin B17) because of its incredible anti-cancerous properties. Russia has been using these kernels in cancer treatments since 1845, with the U.S. following suit in the 1920s.  

Health Benefits:  

Medicinally, apricot kernels are used to fight cancer, as well as colds and the flu, reduce blood pressure, soothe arthritic pain, and stimulate respiration. They have the highest percentage of B17 in any fruit.

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Dr. Ernst T. Krebs was an American biochemist who first came up with the idea of using concentrated doses of amygdalin to prevent and/or treat cancer. He believed that if a person ate 10-14 kernels each day they would be very likely to live a cancer-free life.

Dr. Kreb theorized that cancer was, in part, a metabolic reaction of the body to a poor diet. He believed that the general popular, due to dietary norms, was missing out on a key nutrient, which he claimed to be amygdalin.

Although further research needs to be done to prove Dr. Kreb’s theory, there is some research pointing to amygdalin as a natural cancer-fighting agent.

Although the FDA has yet to approve the use of amygdalin in supplement form, you can receive plenty of this nutrient by simply eating apricot kernels – the soft, almond-like piece in the center of an apricot seed. There is a patented supplement called Laetrile/Amygdalin that is currently being researched for its safety in treating cancer and other various diseases.

How to use apricot kernels:

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Apricot kernels taste bitter. The kernels can be ground, chewed, or sprinkled on food or in juices and smoothies. Only 5-6 should be taken in an hour because they do contain a very small amount of cyanide.

According to research, the cyanide in apricot kernels should not dissuade you from using them, however, as they are safe in small doses! The cyanide content in apricot kernels is similar to the chlorine content in salt (sodium chloride) and is only harmful in large doses.

They shouldn’t be swallowed whole. Do not administer to children unless advised by a certified physician.

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