An Essential Bacteria You NEED In Your Body


Written by: Jill Smart

We are living in a world consumed by the fear of germs and bacteria. Store shelves are stocked with antibacterial soaps, lotions and gels. Purses and backpacks are equipped with small bottles of hand sanitizer. We have been taught that bacteria is bad and germs can cause illness.

But is this really true?

Not at all!

As our world becomes increasingly health conscious, we find that now, instead of fearing bacteria, people are purchasing live cultures to add into their daily nutritional intake. The previous fear of bacteria has turned to the consumption of live beneficial bacteria – or probiotics – to help improve numerous gastrointestinal disorders.

While there are many beneficial live bacteria to include in your daily regimen, here are some facts about one strain in particular – Lactobacillus Paracasei.

  • Lactobacillus paracasei is a strain of bacteria that is beneficial to digestive function and gut health.
  • It is found to be naturally occurring in healthy digestive tracts.
  • This species of bacteria has been shown in European studies to improve immune system function and potentially increase the body’s ability to resist common infections such as colds and flu.
  • L. Paracasei has also been shown to alleviate diarrhea in infants and reduce symptoms associated with salmonella and helicobacter pylori.


So, where do you find it?

L. Paracasei is typically found in dairy products, especially in milk. Alternate sources rich in this probiotic strain include water kefir and milk kefir. These can be brewed in your own kitchen very simply with just a few ingredients.

Taking a daily probiotic that includes L. paracasei is another great way to include this superstar in your routine for a healthy gut and healthy immune system!


Jill Smart
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Jill Smart

Certified Transformation Coach at Finding My FITS
Jill Smart RN, BSN is a Certified Transformation Coach, with over 21 years of nursing experience. She is also a former Jazzercise Instructor.

Jill joined in October 2013 after a significant weight gain from a knee injury. She began Fitlife Small Group Coaching program in February 2014 and to date has lost over 80 pounds! Her passion for helping people allows her to assist clients who are ready to transform their nutritional and mindset habits.

Jill believes it is her mission to contribute to a greater cause and you will find her leading by example. If you are looking for someone that wants to help by making the most impact possible, you can connect with her.
Jill Smart
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