Amp Up Your Intuition in the New Year

By Darlene Mars 

Intuition – you have it. You were born with a multi-sensory ability and your willingness to “go with your gut” determines how successful you feel at making optimal choices. So, how do you tap into your inner voice?

1. Listen. Listen to everything that comes up in your mind. Whether it is a song playing in your head or a thought to try something spontaneous – hear it all with curiosity. Listen to the environment around you too. Put your cell phone down, look up and take in the beautiful life before your eyes. Remember, real life beats cyber living any day.

2. Trust. Be willing to see the interesting occurrences in your life as more than just random events. Think of the “weird” events as sparks from the Universe to jump start your awakening. Little sparks turn into powerful fireworks of creation, so entertain the synchronicities as a bit of everyday magic.

3. Observe. Observe the messages all around you and within you. Tune in to the sequence of events without judgment. This means we don’t always have to react impulsively. If it is a message you need to hear, there is a good chance it will be repeated at an increased volume, so keep an eye out for those patterns. This will help you recognize when to respond to this guidance and when to lay low.

4. Go for it. When you feel the need to contact someone, do it. When it comes to decision making, act in the way your intuition suggests, especially when the inner voice is calm and persistent. Sometimes, going with your gut feels like going against your nature and that is okay too, because just like all things in the wild, you are perpetually changing.

5. Be Patient. Know it is okay to misinterpret a message. It helps us harness your skill. To the determined spirit, failure is simply preparation for success. Experiencing all sides of the spectrum creates amazing perspective, sensitivity and appreciation for life.  

Here’s to an inspired & intuitive New Year!

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Darlene Mars
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Darlene Mars

Writer and Health Advocate at Harmony House Yoga
Writer and health advocate for over 20 years, Darlene Mars opened Harmony House Yoga in Cooper City, FL in 2001. She is recognized as a yoga teacher and as a bodyworker as well as a host for regular interactive lectures on holistic wellness. She is a personal life coach and mentor as she motivates others toward living their most awakened life.

Trained in raw food prep, Darlene enjoys creating and sharing healthy food, is an avid runner, reader, philosopher, tree hugger and zesty lifer. She resides in Davie, Florida.
Darlene Mars
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