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This Process Has Transformation Clients Melting Off Body Fat… What Is It?
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By now, you already understand how important diet is to muscle growth and fat loss.
The foods you eat are literally the building blocks for all muscle growth you experience.

This is a basic fact.

But even if you’re eating the exact right foods in the perfect quantities, none of it matters if you’re not digesting them. The truth is most people are not digesting the effectively the foods they eat and consume– and this, more than anything else, is why most people really struggle to change their bodies significantly. They remain stuck… shaking their fist at the “Fit Heavens” to give them just one chance to have the delicious, sexy body they’ve always wanted but could never have.

The approach we take with our Legacy Club clients is called the “Alpha Step” because it’s the beginning step in any new workout regime or fitness goal. It’s the most important aspect to your success. This has changed thousands of peoples lives and if you let it in, it is about to do the same for you. (pinky swear)

How is my digestion screwing up my results?

After indulging in lots of consistent, heavy food intake, your body’s digestive system becomes overworked and underpaid, which eventually leads to it going on strike– among a huge range of other problems.

Let me break it down a little more for you. This is how it all works…

Due to mucus build-ups and over-taxed digestive systems, full break-down of foods becomes nearly impossible after a while; which means your body is unable to extract from every food you eat all the essential macro-and-micro nutrients it needs to function normally…

…which means you won’t have the resources to build muscle and lose fat. Period

Alpha state… this is where everything just flows. Your body doesn’t have to work hard… it’s like a well oiled machine. You can train like an animal, eat like a horse, sleep like a baby and grow like a weed.

If putting on muscle and/or losing fat doesn’t come easy to you, chances are pretty solid that you are suffering from poor digestion right now. The most common symptoms of poor digestion are:

Infrequent, insignificant, or inconsistent bowel movements.

It sounds strange, but your bowel movements are maybe the best indicator of how well you’ll be able to pack on muscle and lose fat. Ideally, you should be having bowel movements every day at the same time (one or more a day minimum), release about 10 to 12 inches a day, and they should all be very smooth with easy, quick clean-up. In other words – they should be big, come out easy, and quick to wipe. (They should also float)

Smelly and frequent gas.

If you’re farting a lot, and it always smells awful, you are not breaking down the foods you eat. This is not a normal symptom you have to live with!

Tired and bloated sick feeling after meat and egg meals.

After every Juice With Drew meal you eat, you should feel energized and alert – not tired, bloated, and sick. It’s normal to start having this feeling after 10 to 13 weeks on the Diet – and the solution is given…



Nate Kennedy

I just wrapped up my 2nd Alpha Reset and am 7 more pounds down. This was my final piece to finishing off a 90 Day Transformation with Drew. I went from 185 to 150 in 90 days, more importantly I broke tons of bad habits and replaced them with great ones. And my business monthly revenue quadrupled during these 90 days. Now, I am not really telling you this to brag (well maybe a little:), but more so to let you know that you should hire Drew right now for a 90 Day Transformation. He is a true leader and now a good friend that holds similar high standards on success and life as myself. As my momma use to tell me…you are who hang with. And I am proud to be hangin with him.


Joseph Irons

Day 5! I feel great…loving the chicken and eggs for breakfast…oh sweet protien how I missed you! I am down like 6 lbs….looking forward to getting on a sensible diet with juice and food! oh did I say food? Yes, food…LOL…however, I do feel awesome and people say I look awesome! I have about a good 70lbs that I can stand to lose…when I started my journey with Drew Canole I was I am 261.2 and I have completed a 26.2 Mile marathon…it can be done..slow and steady wins the race…I have my goal in the cross hairs and it will go down 190 here I come!

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What Our Clients Say*

During my FitLife transformation, I lost 70 pounds! That's why I signed up for the protocol, but the most exciting result is that I found ME in the process. I had been hiding under a pile of pounds, self-doubt, and grief! FitLife changed my life and I knew I had to share it with others.

-Lynne, Longwood FL

I started with Fitlife back in 2011-2012…I wrote into Fitlife asking for an extreme amount of help. I was 300 pounds, with high cholesterol, and Drew helped me transform my life. I lost over 130 pounds and I no longer have high cholesterol. Not only did I lose weight, so did my husband, who lost over 70 pounds!

-Jaclyn, Martinsburg NE
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