All-Natural Herbal Mouthwash Recipe


By Sasha Brown

As more people switch over to natural ingredients, more recipes become available every day to enable the full switch to organic living. You can make your own herbal mouthwash, completely annihilating the exposure to artificial ingredients, from colors to fluoride to sweeteners to flavors.

Rose tea is a great base astringent that tones your gums, promotes oral health and lets you control the strength that you need. You can make each member of your family the perfect herbal mouthwash that is most suited to his/her oral health.

Below are two amazing, simple recipes for you to create herbal mouthwash at home. One is medicinal and the other is an everyday-use mouthwash.

Daily-Use Herbal Mouthwash


The daily-use herbal mouthwash is the perfect type to use after brushing each morning and night. Each ingredient has its own powerful qualities.

You’ll need:

What to do:

Combine the ingredients in an amber bottle, store it for 1-2 weeks in your refrigerator and use it daily. You can mix the mouthwash with warm water to make it less cold, which is perfect for those with sensitive teeth. If you want a minty fresh flavor, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. When you use it, just swish it around for half a minute and spit it out. You’ll feel sparkly clean!

Medicinal Mouthwash

If your gums are feeling a bit painful, swollen or otherwise unhealthy, this medicinal, herbal mouthwash will definitely help you feel better. The ingredients used are antibacterial astringents that can ease inflammation, disinfect the mouth and tighten the gums to reduce pain and swelling. You can use it when your gums are not feeling so great, as well as before dental visits.

You’ll need: 

What to do:

You mix them the same way you do the daily-use herbal mouthwash!

How These Herbal Tinctures Help Oral Care

Rose petal tea has anti-depressant, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and other qualities that make it a wonderful herbal remedy for many conditions. As an astringent, it provides a huge boost to oral health. Your gums will be stronger and it protects against tooth decay and loss. It improves firmness of the gums, as well as tightens them.

Myrrh has been known to prevent halitosis. The tincture works so well against bad breath because it contains terpenoids that prevent all types of harmful strains of bacteria that would otherwise cause halitosis. It also provides relief from swollen or painful gums.

Calendula is often used to treat inflammation, making it capable of easing swelling or inflammation that can occur in your throat or mouth. It can ease soreness in your throat as well.

Goldenseal is quite similar, functioning as an antimicrobial, astringent and anti-inflammatory. It can ease pain and swelling in the throat and mouth, as well as treat infections.

White oak bark has many benefits. It’s an astringent, as well as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

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Sasha Brown

Sasha Brown

Widely Experienced Content Writer at Vox Nature
Sasha Brown is a widely experienced content writer with a zeal for the natural things in life. Also a certified herbalist, she has injected pure naturalism into her diet by eating purely organic foods. She loves to garden and cares only about the good health and happiness of others.

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