Detoxing Just Got Better With This Activated Coconut Charcoal Capsule – Here’s How to Use It


By Angelique Johnson

Activated Coconut Charcoal: The Newest Way To Detox

Tired of trying the same old detox techniques? Then activated coconut charcoal might be for you!

In your quest to create the healthiest body possible, you’ve probably tried every method of detox around. From beets to lemon water to juice fasts, there are a number of ways you can help to rid your body of the energy-zapping toxins that you come face-to-face with every day.

A detox remedy that you may not have tried yet is activated charcoal. For thousands of years, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western medicine have all used activated charcoal to absorb toxins from the body, improving health by binding to these poisons and removing them from the system.

Activated charcoal is used in hospitals as a remedy to rid the body of drugs and poisons and throughout the world, it is used to help with digestive issues, bloating and gas, as well as detoxifying and anti-aging.

How Is Activated Coconut Charcoal Made?

Activated charcoal is made by burning a source of carbon such as debris, wood, or coconut shells. The activated coconut charcoal is the healthiest form. The high temperature of the burning helps to remove all the oxygen and activates the charcoal with gases.

This process results in a highly absorbent material that contains millions of tiny pores. These pores are what help to trap, bind and flush toxins from your body as the surface possesses a negative electric charge. This charge helps to attract the positively charged toxins and gases that have invaded your body.

What Is Activated Coconut Charcoal Used For?

As it is completely safe for human use, activated coconut charcoal has been used by physicians for thousands of years for a variety of medicinal purposes. In fact, current research proves that these earlier uses of activated charcoal are, in fact, quite effective.

1. Detoxing Your Body

The toxins that enter your body through processed foods and environmental pollution can take a huge toll on your health. When these toxins build up, they can cause a wide range of medical maladies including:

  • Cell damage
  • Lowered immune system
  • Increased aging
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation

By eliminating these toxins using activated coconut charcoal, you can help promote a stronger digestive system, brain and immune system. In fact, activated coconut charcoal can leave you feeling rejuvenated within minutes!

2. Relieves Gastrointestinal Upset

Do you suffer from gas, bloating and other digestive issues? Then activated coconut charcoal is for you! After the digestion of foods such as beans or cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts), certain byproducts are created that can produce gas or diarrhea.

Using activated charcoal can help to counteract these products by binding to them so that they can be eliminated later by the body.

3. Great For Bad Breath And Body Odor

Body odor and bad breath are usually caused by an excess of toxins in the body. By using activated charcoal, you can help make your breath fresher and keep body odor at bay.

4. Helps Slow The Aging Process

Forget expensive night creams! Studies have shown that activated coconut charcoal can help stop many changes that occur in your body that are related to aging, depressed adrenal gland function and lowered kidney function.

Activated charcoal helps to slow the rate at which the brain becomes overly sensitive to toxins as you get old. This helps to improve memory and overall brain power as well as boosting your defenses by boosting the work potential of the adrenal glands and your kidneys.

5. Great For Your Heart

Recent studies have shown that patients with high cholesterol levels that took activated charcoal 3 times per day were able to reduce their cholesterol levels by 25%. They also saw increases in the HDL (good) cholesterol. Studies have also shown that, because activated coconut charcoal helps to bind to toxins in the body, it can also help to prevent atherosclerosis (the hardening of the arteries) in the heart.

How To Use Activated Coconut Charcoal

Not sure when to use activated coconut charcoal? This brand new detox method can be used:

  • When eating processed foods
  • When drinking alcohol
  • If you are feeling moody or tired (works as a quick pick-me-up!)
  • To help remove stains from teeth
  • When experiencing jet lag

Activated coconut charcoal can be used every day in order to help remove unwanted poisons from your body. Take in between meals and never at the same time as taking other vitamins, medications or supplements. The charcoal may bind to helpful properties and stop the absorption process.

How To Choose Good Quality Activated Coconut Charcoal

Many of the common store bought charcoal tablets are ineffective due to small dosing, being packaged in an inconvenient (and very messy) powder form, or are made from low quality materials.

When purchasing activated coconut charcoal supplements, make sure that the charcoal is ultra fine and highly purified. A benefit would be if the company making the supplement uses acid washing, which helps to remove any toxic heavy metals that are left behind during processing.

Some Extra Tips

1. Start small (such as one capsule) as everyone responds to charcoal differently.  

2. Never take activated coconut charcoal with prescription medications. 

3. If constipation occurs, take with 250mg of magnesium every time you take the supplement.

4. This supplement will make your bowel movements black. Just a heads up.

Have you ever tried activated coconut charcoal? What are your thoughts on the brand new detox method? Tell me your thoughts below and don’t forget to share on social media!


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Angelique Johnson

Angelique Johnson

Nutritionist at Nutrition by Angelique
Angelique Johnson is a nutritionist from Miami, FL. Through her own journey in weight loss, she discovered her love for health and nutrition and realized she wanted to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle. Angelique has been featured as a nutrition consult on CBS4 Miami News and is a published author on many online health sites. She is passionate about debunking diet rumors and showing her clients how to have a healthy, balanced relationship with food.
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-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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