A Simple Tool To Dissolve Arguments In 5 Seconds – Mindset Monday


A Simple Tool To Dissolve Arguments In 5 Seconds – Mindset Monday

“You must become your very own spiritual catalyst; here and now. In order to be free, you must awaken to your own awareness. Realize you are not of the world, but the world is of you.” – Zen Thinking


Have you had one of those lately? Maybe with someone you love… or a disagreement online with all the hate and political uproar that seems to be everywhere right now. (don’t get stuck there, my friend… rise above this!)

Arguing is a very real part of life. As separate human beings living in our own unique worlds, there are always going to be people who see things differently than we do.

The problem with arguments is that they separate us from the people around us in a harmful way. When we leave the room without resolve… When we let these little fights pull our vibration down and hurt our souls…  

arguments, right, love

Is there a better way?

A higher form of communicating our differences?

The answer is – absolutely YES.

I am going to show you how to dissolve any argument you have with another human being in just 5 seconds.

I’ve had plenty of moments in my life where I am in a conversation and find myself becoming frustrated. Something is said that rubs me the wrong way and I feel a need to hold onto who I am and fight for what I think is “truth”.

arguments, right, love

It’s like when someone disagrees with something I believe in, the core of who I am feels threatened.

You know what it’s like. Someone starts saying things that don’t quite fit your version of truth. You feel a pit in your soul. A rock in your stomach. You heart starts to burn and you become tense.

You have this strong pull inside you that says YOU ARE RIGHT and THEY ARE WRONG.

It’s a natural human response. But what is the higher road?

Non-Dual Thinking

arguments, right, love

Non-dual thinking takes you a step outside of yourself and the given situation so that you can observe with the following belief:

There is no good or bad.

There is no hot or cold.

There just is.

There is not right or wrong.

There just is.

Everyone has a different opinion.

Everybody has a different truth.

Everyone has a different projection of what reality looks like.

There are 7.4 billion people on this planet. You and I have a certain mission while we’re here. It’s not to judge, or look at someone who has a different opinion and try to think of all the reasons why you are right and they are wrong…

…our mission should be to really see them through the eyes of love. WE – you and I – ARE love.

Non-dual thinking means you don’t look at something as right or wrong or as one person’s standpoint to another person’s standpoint. You look at it s something that JUST IS.  

It just is. Period.

So breathe. Release negative emotions. BE.

Every Thought Is A Vibration

“Everything in life is a vibration.” – Albert Einstein

There’s a vibration to every thought you think and to every word you say.

Science has found that our very thoughts send out frequencies that can be felt by our cells and by the people who are around us.

The higher your thoughts, the higher your words, the higher your intentions, the higher your frequency will be. And why does this matter?

When you are living life at a higher vibration you will experience less disease, less sickness, more energy and feel more vibrant and more alive.

arguments, right, love

The goal: instead of looking at things as good or bad, look at them as they are.

I guarantee this will lighten your soul. This will erase an immense amount of negativity in your life and open your consciousness to something bigger than you could possibly imagine.

The Challenge

How does all this apply in your day-to-day life? For instance, when you’re having a deep and intimate conversation with someone?

Next time you are talking to someone and something comes up that rubs you wrong…

Just listen.
Listen to LISTEN and not just to respond.
Listen with your heart.
HEAR them (this is more than listening).
Allow them to speak their truth.
Release judgement.
Recognize that their truth is valuable and beautiful to them.
Allow for the space for them to BE. As they are.

arguments, right, love

Let me be clear: you DO NOT have to agree with them or even like what they say at all!

You just have to CARE ABOUT THEM ENOUGH that you can realize that they are different than you. That their reality might be different than yours. And that is okay.

Let This Change You

I challenge you to try this today.

Take a step back the next time someone threatens you. Sit with it for a minute.

You’ll be amazed how your world will change. Both internally and externally. The world needs more love. Why not allow yourself to be a catalyst for something so beautiful?

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