A Fit Mommy Workout You Only Need to Do 2 Times A Week


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Written by: Amanda Diamond

I am what you would call an intense kind of person. I follow the mantra, “everything worth doing is worth doing right.” My fitness routines have always reflected this mindset. I love 1-2 hour resistance workouts at the gym or structured marathon training programs complete with HIIT and sprints.

I was in fantastic shape before getting pregnant with my second child, but after my son was born, I struggled with making time to exercise. As a mother of two and a business owner, my days were jam packed and with a fiance who traveled often, getting to the gym was near impossible. As a result, I fell victim to the “all or nothing” mindset. If getting back into my hardcore 5 day split wasn’t possible… then I’d opt to do nothing at all.

Well, that was alright for the first few months, but my body (and mind) eventually craved exercise. I longed for that endorphin rush and stress relief that used to be such a huge part of my life.

One day while wearing a tank top and carrying my 20 lb son around, my 6 year old daughter commented, “Mom, you’re getting big muscles in your arms!”

I glanced in the mirror and realized she was right. The definition in my arms, shoulders and back was impressive and it was just from the daily routine of carrying my not-so-little man around. It was then that something clicked in my brain…

It’s not so much about the intensity of the workout, but more the sustained action that counts.

Even the smallest change can make a big difference when done with commitment. At that moment, I knew that my old workout routine needed to evolve into something that would suit the new mommy phase in my life. So I created a flexible routine that I could do in the basement, the backyard, or even at the gym on the odd days I actually made it there. I could still be a fit mom by learning to be adaptive.

The Fit Mommy Workout Plan

  • I structured this workout into a two day split to allow for maximum flexibility. Even during the busiest weeks, I can at least make time for two workouts, but I can also repeat the plan throughout the week when I am ready for more of a challenge.
  • For the weighted exercises, choose a weight that is challenging to you. If you can lift it with ease for every set it’s probably not heavy enough.
  • You can add cardio workouts to the plan as often as you like. I like to switch it up and keep my body guessing by incorporating walking, biking and running. The important thing is to choose activities that you enjoy and that work with your life.

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