Cannabis Oil Cured My Skin Cancer

Dave Triplett decided not to use pharmaceutical creams on his face, but instead opted for natural cannabis oil to treat a cancerous tumor on his nose. Cannabis is one of the most powerful healing plants in the world and it has been proven over and over that it can makes cancer essentially disappear. Cannabis compounds [...]

Janette Murray-Wakelin

She healed cancer with raw food then ran 366 marathons in a row

Janette Murray-Wakelin is one of the most remarkable cancer survivors I have interviewed. In 2001, she refused conventional treatment and healed aggressive breast cancer with a raw food diet. Then in 2013, she and her husband Alan (both in their 60s) ran around the entire continent of Australia. This involved running a marathon every single day for 366 consecutive days. In the process [...]


Chris Lucier Lost 142 Lb with Juicing

After losing 90 pounds in just 3 months, juicing became a regular for Chris for a more healthy body, and positive view in life. He had more energy to pursue his passion in music, more physically active, and improved his relationship, and friendships. Let us check out his short testimonial! HOW DID JUICING BECOME A [...]

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Aris Lost 26 Lb in 2 Months with Alpha Reset

You are what you eat! This is Aris’s simple reminder to everyone after he witnessed a downright change in his physique with roughly about 2 months of juicing. It has lowered his blood pressure and boosted his metabolism. And now, he couldn’t be any more passionate with the schedule that he’s following. He now knows [...]


McDonald's Closes All Their Restaurants in Bolivia

Bolivia became the first McDonald’s-free Latin American nation, after struggling for more than a decade to keep their numbers out of ‘the red.’ And that fact is still making news. After 14 years in the nation and despite many campaigns and promos McDonald’s was forced to close in 2002, its 8 Bolivian restaurants in the [...]


Bad Eating Habits

Written By Adela Lopez They say bad habits are the toughest to break, but how do you know if your habits are bad when it comes to food choices. Especially, the food options you were raised upon and have been around all your life? As kids we are socialized in many different ways –  political [...]

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Why Juicing Works: A Cardiologist Explains

Tonight my head is spinning like a centrifugal juicer after attending a lecture by Joe Cross, star of the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. The movie, which chronicles one man’s journey to health through juicing, moved me a few years ago to purchase my first juicer. Which chronicles one man’s journey to health through juicing, moved [...]