9 Simple Tips For Daily Detoxing

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Written by: Andreea Fegan

Detoxes are always a hot topic, but especially so around New Year’s, when resolutions are being made and a renewed awareness towards healthy eating seems to be at the top of everyone’s to do list.

There are typically 2 schools of thought: one that debunks detoxes and states your body is perfectly well equipped to detox on its own without our help; and another that wholeheartedly promotes detoxing through juices and other whole-foods cleanses.  Which one is correct?

Well… both are!

While it’s true that so many things have changed in the past century (quality of our food supply, the air we breathe, etc), in the end, your body still functions relatively the same as it always has. Because of all of the environmental changes that have taken place (and will likely continue to evolve), your body is often struggling to catch up. Think about the huge burden you’re putting on your body on a daily basis, yet it still continues to do it’s best to work for and with you (thank you, body!).  

Here are some really easy tips to help support your body in its natural detox process.

  1. Hot water with lemon in the morning: Helps dispel debris in the body and gets the digestion going. You can also add in a bit of turmeric and cayenne.
  2. Tongue Scraping: Helps to release the build-up of bacteria and debris on the tongue.
  3. Oil Pulling: A practice that efficiently releases bacteria from the mouth. Use cold pressed sesame oil or coconut oil and swish in mouth for up to 15 or 20 minutes (work up gradually), then spit in the trash (not the drains) and flush mouth with warm water. Do this preferably in the morning.
  4. Dry Skin Brushing: A wonderful way to move lymph in the body, rejuvenate the skin and aid your body in sloughing off dead cells.
  5. Rebounding: Bouncing on a rebounder aids in the movement of lymph fluid and blood in the body without any harm to joints.
  6. Hot/Cold Shower (ending on cold): Creating a wave-like effect of blood in the body (cold brings blood into the center of body, hot brings it back to extremities) helps the flow of toxins from the body.
  7. Juicing: specifically green juicing is very alkalizing and helpful to flush out cells of debris and restore healing in the body.
  8. Raw Fruits and Veggies: The water and fiber content of these also help to flush toxins through the colon.
  9. Sweating: Infrared sauna, yoga… anything that’s mild, but helps you sweat will help release toxins through your skin. 

Andreea Fegan

Andreea Fegan

Certified Level 3 Raw Chef, Instructor and Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Little Bites of Joy
Andreea is the recent winner of the grand prize, “Hot Raw Chef”, a worldwide video competition, hosted by the Living Light Culinary Institute. Additionally, Andreea is Certified as a Level 3 Raw Chef and Instructor through the Alissa Cohen Program; a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; and a graduate of Rouxbe's Plant Based Professional Certification. Andreea also specializes in wild edibles, herbalism, homesteading, insulin resistance and detox practices.

As a plant-based chef and educator, Andreea enjoys providing lectures, workshops and classes to encourage people towards healthy living (and thriving). For more info, please visit her website.
Andreea Fegan

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