8 Awesome Remedies To Use Next Time You Have An Earache

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By Justin Cowart

Ear infections are a relatively common problem that typically occur due to the accumulation of fluids inside the middle ear. They can normally be bought on by a flu, cold bacterial, allergies, viral presence in the ear and/or dust.

Believe it or not, getting rid of an earache is not as hard as you may think – it’s simple, really. Garlic is the key.

Due to it being an excellent alternative to antibiotics to help ear infections, garlic has proven to be a great friend to have when your ears start acting up. Below are a few different ways you can benefit from garlic.


How Garlic Helps To Ease An Ear Infection:

  • It tends to have multiple anti-bacterial, anti-oxidizing and antiviral properties that greatly help the different bacterial actions in the ear that cause the infection. It ultimately helps to reduce the infection, pain and swelling.
  • It contains allicin, which is an antimicrobial property that is able to work against the infection and pain inside the inner ear.
  • It possesses extremely powerful aromatic compounds that are loaded with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can easily be absorbed through your skin and eardrum into the inner-ear surrounding tissues.

How to Use Garlic For Ear Infection:

Let’s have a look at some of the popular garlic methods that can be used to help ear infections.

#1. Raw Garlic

  • First, crush up a few fresh cloves and wrap them up in a small cloth.

  • Next, place your little bundle into the infected ear and allow it to sit there for around 30 minutes.

  • Now you can take the cloth out of your ear and finally get some relief from the pain of the earache.

#2. Garlic Juice

  • With this method, make sure you mash a few cloves really well to get the juices going.

  • Wrap your garlic in a cloth and then dab it into your ear to allow the juice to do its work.

#3. Garlic With Mustard Oil

  • Take a teaspoon of sesame or mustard oil and heat it up with 2-4 garlic cloves.

  • Allow the oil to cook for a few moments and then apply this oil in or around your ear.

#4. Boiled Garlic Cloves With Salt

  • Take 3-5 garlic cloves and bring to a boil for about 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove your gloves from the heat and crush them up with some salt.

  • Place your crushed cloves into a cloth and place it against the affected area for a few minutes.

  • If needed, repeat this process continuously.

#5. Garlic With St. John’s Wort Oil

  • Take a mixture of half St. Johnswort oil and half garlic, 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract and a small amount of mullein oil.

  • Utilizing an ear dropper, pour into the affected ear.

  • If you are looking for quick relief, repeat this process twice a day.

#6. Garlic Clove With Gauze Or Cheesecloth

  • First, peel the skin of the garlic clove off and throw away the tip.

  • Next you will want to wrap your clove in a piece of cheesecloth or gauze.

  • Now place this into the infected ear with the cut end of the garlic facing into the ear.

  • Be sure to leave enough gauze or cheesecloth out in order to pull the garlic out of your ear.

  • Place a warm wash cloth or rice bag over your ear to add warmth.

  • Make sure you do not push the garlic too deep into your ear and avoid utilizing this method on children.

  • For quicker relief from the pain, you can warm the garlic before placing it into your ear.

#7. Warm Garlic Oil

  • First you will want to heat up a bowl of garlic oil using hot water for a few moments.

  • Next, place just a few drops in your infected ear by pulling the ear back and up.

  • Now let it sit for 5-10 minutes and cover it with a cotton ball.

  • This method can help to soften ear wax and can help prevent infection if utilized daily.

#8. Garlic Oil Capsules

  • This one is pretty easy – start off by taking a garlic oil capsule and pop a hole into it to empty its contents.

  • Now pour the contents into your infected ear, ensuring to tilt your head so that the liquid doesn’t come out.

  • Place a cotton ball over the ear and leave for 10-15 minutes.

  • Repeat this process until your ear is feeling better.

To think that these awesome remedies come from an ingredient that we mainly use just to cook! It makes you start to really think about what other kinds of home remedies can work and potentially save you from a trip to the doctor’s office and the huge bill that follows.  

Try out a couple of these at home remedies for your earaches and let us know how it goes! We would love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below.


Justin Cowart

Justin Cowart

Justin Cowart is a writer and researcher that loves to learn more about health, life, consciousness and making the world a better place. He loves music, traveling, meditation, video games and spending time with family and friends. He believes in baby steps and lifestyle changes in order to live a full life. In 2014, he lost around 40lbs from baby steps and emotional detoxing.
Justin Cowart


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