7 Ways to Naturally Beat Spring Allergies


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Written by: Cindy Santa Ana

It’s just around the corner… Spring-time is coming! And with that comes blooming flowers, yellow-coated cars and pollen counts that make you want to crawl back indoors. But don’t do that! You need your Vitamin D!

Seasonal allergies can make you feel downright awful, cranky and sneezy. I used to suffer all year long with allergies and Spring-time was the worst. I have taken every allergy pill they make and have even had a few inhalers.

But, since I’ve cleaned up my diet and am using some natural methods, I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies at all!

Try these 7 natural methods to reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms and begin feeling like yourself again.

1. Clean up your diet – I was actually sensitive to gluten and when I removed it, 98% of my symptoms went away. Dairy also causes a bit of extra mucous, so consider limiting your dairy intake during your “sniffly-season.”

2. Head out later in the day – Pollen counts are highest first thing in the morning. Save your errands for later in the day and when it’s drizzly out; the rain helps keep the air clean.

3. Keep the pollen outside – Remove your shoes when you come inside or leave them on the porch and shake jackets and clothing out before coming indoors. Invest in a good HEPA filter and dust and vacuum often.

4. Use a neti pot – This is one of those habits that takes some getting used to, but cleaning out the nasal passages can wash away the irritants that are causing inflammation. They’re also great when you get a sinus infection – they clear the infection up right away!

5. Consider herbal remedies – Butterbur and Stinging Nettle are two natural allergy remedies that can reduce swelling in nasal passages and relieve symptoms. Find a tincture or extract to take with water.

6. Close your windows – As tempting as it may be to open your windows and air out your house after a long winter, pollen can sneak in and wreak havoc on your allergies. Use the “recirculate” button in your car as well to keep pollen from being drawn inside.

7. Remove other allergens – Processed food contains dozens of chemical preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, artificial colors, flavors and genetically modified organisms. Our bodies are constantly fighting the internal inflammation caused by these foreign invaders. When you remove them, the inflammation subsides and your histamine response decreases – this is what happened when I removed all processed food from my diet.

Adopting a more natural lifestyle can help decrease inflammation and return your body to a state of balance. Using natural herbal remedies can also prevent nasty side effects and drowsiness that comes with OTC medicines. Check with your doctor before taking a natural, herbal supplement.

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Cindy Santa Ana
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Cindy Santa Ana

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Unlock Better Health
Cindy Santa Ana is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in weight loss, clean eating transformations and thyroid disease. She works with clients to help them reach their ideal weight, increase their energy, and live a healthy balanced lifestyle, while juggling their career and personal life.
Cindy Santa Ana
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